Wednesday, February 2, 2011

joey the dog, joey the dog, joey the dog, joey the doGG...OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!

To all Love Bubble friends, family, and Chocolate Chips,

February 2nd is here, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. What we now call Groundhog’s Day. Its James Joyce’s birthday. Farrah Fawcett’s birthday. And my father’s birthday (Happy Birthday Papa...!) THIS February 2nd however, is an extra special day in lovely Love Bubble town because...yes indeed, we have for you, right here, for the first time....THE official, JOEY THE DOGG MUSIC VIDEO!!!!

Joey the Dogg is the 3rd official music video from the family band, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips. Filmed at Loveship Bubbletron (the Chocolate Chips backyard) on a High-8 video camcorder, in front of a homemade green screen, Joey the Dogg features 6 year old, Lucas! as Joey the Dogg. The character was invented when Lucas was 4 in a game of "pretend" and has since inspired this Chocolate Chip anthem. Joey's "a little puppy" with a "really big heart" who can "bark AND talk." The video is Mista Cookie Jar's directorial debut featuring original animation and costume design from the Love Bubble family. Joey the Dogg is the 2nd track off of Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips' debut album, The Love Bubble which can be purchased at Itunes, Amazon, Blacklava, & CDBaby:

Download the Joey Mp3 for free or donate:

Joey the Dogg: Lucas!
Chocolate Chips: Ava Flava, Miss Mikyla
Mini Chips: Lyrin, Alejandro, Isa, & Beautiful Baby Esme
Mista Cookie Jar: C.J. Pizarro
Music: Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips
Additional Vocals: Anna Pizarro
Costume Design: Hula Hoop Jessica
Green Screen Seamstress: Carly Mills
Camera Lady: Peachy Keen
Lighting: Cesar Pizarro
Kid Ranglers: Peachy Keen, Robin Witt, Tembra Campbell, Evangeline Pizarro, Czarina Kulick, & Lola Guing
Art: Alex Chiu (, MC Griffin ( & Mista Cookie Jar
Inspiration: Snoop Dogg, Dallas Campbell (
Editing Consultant: Merc Boyan (
Animation: Mista Cookie Jar
Editor: Mista Cookie Jar

Produced and Directed by Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips


Many thanks to those who helped out in its creation. MC Griffin, my dear animation guru, thanks for those rad angel wings. Dallas Campbell for support and inspiration, MCBERN! Greg and Kelleigh for Warrior-ing Up!! Merc Boyan at 123 Market Street for wisdom & mad skillz! Thanks to Robin and Tembra, booyaa, kid ranglers in the house! Your kids will always be honorary Chocolate Chips. A big WHUDDUP and thank you to the delightfully sparkling SUPERNOVA who voiced our "Mista Cookie Jar" mnemonic at the end of the video. Special thanks to Alex Chiu for the Joey sketch and just being a brilliant genius, can’t wait to work again in the future! Carly for sewing our giant backyard green screen....we finally put it to use! Here’s to many more green screen videos. And a GIANT thanks to Jessica, the hula hoop girl, for creating the most adorable Joey the Dogg costume for Lucas!...we got your creative touch in all our videos so far, yay! Big ups to my mama, papa, lola, and my 2 pretty sisters both named Anna. Thanks for all your support and guidance throughout these years! Couldn’t do any of it without you...hey, we got the little ones in this one...we’re making this bi-coastal bubble work! And for all you Chocolate Chips in the video! You bring that magic that makes the music worth it ; ) And of course, thank you to Joey the Dogg, Ava Flava, Peachy Keen, Grandma, and Grumpz who have worked so hard getting this video up off the ground. Greatest soul-family EVAH!

Last, but definitely not least, a big love bubble thanks to our VT Chocolate Chips, Maddy and Ethan for wishing for snow days so they could catch the first glimpse! You guys are why we do it = )

1 Love Bubble,
Mista Cookie Jar


  1. So sweet!! That totally made me cry!!! Maddy says, "That was so awesome. Play it again and again!" Ethan says, "Tell Lucas that was so cool." We can't wait to see you all again! When is the next cd coming out? Loved the colors, the music, the smiling faces, and the love I could feel coming right at me through the screen. Can't wait to show my students tomorrow.

  2. awesome, creative, funny video....

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