Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Let's Get a Dog" = Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl X Mista Cookie Jar Premiere

In celebration of Pet Appreciation Week, June 3-9, The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl of Chattanooga premieres the brand new Mista Cookie Jar tune, "Let's Get a Dog," Saturday, June 9th! Featured will be the new song as well as an exclusive Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl conversation with Mista Cookie Jar himself!

S/O to Chatanooga and Dave Loftin!! It was fun hanging out...much gratitude!!

Stream below now. Also available on all streaming music platforms!! WOOF

“Let’s Get a Dog” By Mista Cookie Jar
Isn’t every family flung into this particular situation through which they must grapple and ultimately come to terms with — that dread inducing yet curiously heartwarming moment when a child suggests, “Let’s get a dog!” In an attempt to hypnotize the whole family with doggie joy, the child leads the charge in a family trip to the local pet store — in this case, Petco. The whole family endures a wide range of feelings — from the exhilaration of novelty to the anxiety of responsibility. When it’s all said and done, will this unbridled canine energy win over the whole family’s heart? Oh yeah...not to mention, it’s the latest Mista Cookie Jar song!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Disco Dancing Mama! New single with Fancy Pants

Here it is....!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ”ŠπŸ’₯
"Disco Dancing Mama by Fancy Pants and Mista Cookie Jar is an infectious glittery groove that you will make you sway, bump, and move. You will play this song over and over until your platform shoes wear down to sandals."
Check out the tune (which features Mark White of the Spin Doctors crushing it on the bass) and read on to the end where I interview the Disco Dancing Mama herself (Amy Hersey aka Fancy Pants) in a special guest hosted "8 is Enough"...!! (Thank you Full Van Fun!)

Click here to read the full review and interview!

Disco Dancing Mama
Fancy Pants ft. Mista Cookie Jar

If you can't bring the minivan to the club, why not bring the club to the minivan? "Disco Dancin Mama" is a funky EDM infused disco anthem for the modern day multi-tasking mom extraordinaire. The fun-for-the-whole-fam track features the Beegees-tinged vocal stylings of the disco dancing mama herself, Fancy Pants, and the lyrical rap-wizardry of acclaimed kindie rockstar, Mista Cookie Jar. 

A coast to coast collaboration, the single is co-written, produced, and performed by Fancy Pants (Amy Hersey) of Florida and Mista Cookie Jar (CJ Pizarro) of California. Featured on the bass is Mark White of the Spin Doctors. 

Produced, written, and performed by Fancy Pants & Mista Cookie Jar
Bass Guitar: Mark White
Disco Dancing Mama Music Publishing [BMI], Inner Child Rock Publishing [ASCAP]
© 2018 Amy Hersey / © 2018 Cesar Jason Carandang Pizarro

My people! 
The time to slip on your fancy, 
gold lamΓ©, spandex pants is right now!

(Mama did the disco…let’s go!)

She’s a disco dancing mama.
Oh yeah!
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
She’s a disco dancing mama.
Oh yeah!
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.

Disco, disco!
Slick like crisco.
Hot off tha frying pan.
Bisquick, let's go!
Mama likes pancakes.
Spin ‘em like a disc, yo!
Frrkkka turntables.
Let tha mad hits flow!
Funky mama wit a minivan
bumpin dat boom boom boom
right out tha blue tooth boom box. 
Look at her move, 
she like zoom zoom zoom.
Mama can't sit still 
cuz the music's too hot. 
Dancing while she multitasking.
Greasy dishes. Laundry baskets.
Dirty diapers. Cookie batches.
Platform shoes & sequin jackets. Ugh!
A little carpool karaoke action.
The little ways to make the most of traffic. 
This mama she be disco dashin’
all tha way through tha day,
baby, dats what's happenin’!

She's a disco dancing mama!
And she's bringing disco back 
everywhere she goes. 
To the bank.
To the grocery store.
Picking the kids from school. 
She be getting her grove on
and she looking fly doing it too. 

She’s a disco dancing mama.
Oh yeah!
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
She’s a disco dancing mama.
Oh yeah!
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.

Mama, turn on the radio.
And play the songs that I love and know.
When I stop to feel the beat
I clap my hands and I move my feet. 


Look at her go!
Show ‘em how its done, mama!

(Go mama! Go mama! Go mama! Go mama! 
Go! Go! Go…
ooo! ooo!
ooo! ooo…)

Disco, disco dancing…
Disco, disco dancing…
Disco, disco dancing all night!

Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
Minivan, minivan, minivan, minivan, woo!
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
Bump dat disco up in your minivan.
Minivan, minivan, minivan, minivan, woo!

She's a mother like no other,
taking care of all your brothers 
and sisters since they was babies. 
She's amazing on the daily. 
But she got this disco itch
or should I say a disco gift. 
Cuz when that disco ball’s-a-callin
She gets that disco party started. 

Disco, disco dancing…
Disco, disco dancing…
Disco, disco dancing all night!

Disco, disco dance. 
I will do the disco…
Disco, disco dance.
Mama did the disco.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Black Friday,

This morning, Zooglobble premiered the 21st Mista Cookie Jar music video, "The Quest for the Missing Polka-Dotted Pink Sock." 

It's a Black Friday celebration because the video is as much about shopping as it is finding a missing sock. Directed and created by Brett Hammon, the Missis, and myself. The video features JR Starr who has appeared on David Lynch's new Twin Peaks and the latest Big Sean record (plays Big Sean in the future!). Also, you might recognize the not so lil Chocolate Chip, Lucas! as "Linda." But I won't give too much of anything else away. Big thanks to all who helped out.

Hope you all enjoy. Much thanksgiving gratitude and love,

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

K. Bell Socks Presents: "The Quest for the Missing Polka-Dotted Pink Sock," a Mista Cookie Jar Single Premiere!

Courtesy of K. Bell Socks, the premiere of the new Mista Cookie Jar single, “The Quest for the Missing Polka-Dotted Pink Sock." Check it out here! Includes a new interview where Mista Cookie Jar waxes poetical about fashion and socks. Music video coming soon on Nov 27, Cyber Monday, just in time for shopping season.

"This top notch track reflects and transcends the best of children's music. With a hip hop game that's every bit as strong as his swagger — musician, performer, storyteller, dandy, producer, arranger and nostalgia curator, Mista Cookie Jar can do it all…This song is EPIC!!"


"The Quest for the Missing Polka-Dotted Pink Sock” is an epic tale of Mista Cookie Jar & the grand pursuit for his missing sock. A storybook adventure set to atrappy-go-lucky soundtrack, Mista Cookie Jar takes you on an auto-tuned lyrical roller coaster ride all the way to the mall. At its heart, it’s an anthem encouraging persistence, self-expression, and bold fashion choices. "The Quest for the Missing Polka-Dotted Pink Sock" is available at CD BabyiTunesSpotifyAmazon and YouTube.

Listen NOW on Bandcamp:

Produced, written, and performed by Mista Cookie Jar
Inner Child Rock Publishing [ASCAP]

℗ 2017 Cesar Jason Carandang Pizarro

The Quest for the Missing Polka-Dotted Pink Sock

I woke up this morning, 
something wasn't right. 
I felt a draft on my right big toe.
It must have been 
chillin’ all night. 
See I was figure skating 
in my dream 
when my foot 
slipped down a hole.
That wo wo wo woke me up 
cuz now my foot be ice cold!
So I was like, eh! What going on down there?
What's all the whata bum bum down there?
My foot feng shui on the run down there.
Won’t u pity my feet, 
si vous plait, mon frΓ¨re? 
I took a peek under my comforter.
Lookie here. Now, isn't this wonderful? 
My left foot, cozy 
as a cuddle bug. (Oh yeah.)
My right foot, exposed 
like plumber butt. (Say what?!)
My left foot 
got a pink sock on 
covered in white polka dots. 
Lookin’ spiffy. 
My right foot naked, freezing
‘cuz my other polka-dotted 
pink sock be missing!
Now lemme explain. 
Ya gotta realize. 
I like to look fresh,
even at bedtime.
I'm ‘bout the details. 
Just imagine it.
Man, with a missing sock,
I ain't havin it. 

I just can’t find 
I just can’t find 
my polka-dotted pink sock.
I don't know where it is.
I just can't find 
I just can't find
my polka dotted pink sock.

You can flaunt that eyelet cuff. 
You can rock that pastel tie. 
Only you can tell yourself 
how to put color in yo' sky. 
Me, I like that pink & polka-dotted 
pattern in my pupil. 
It's the icing on my ensemble.
It's kinda super crucial. 

Thus the epic quest 
for missing white polka-dotted 
pink sock begins…

So now I'm 
lookin’ everywhere 
for my pink sock.
I’m a thorough investigator.
Flippin’ over every pillow 
and furniture piece.
Even checked in my ‘frigerator. 
I checked under the bed. 
I checked under my couch. 
In ma dirty laundry. 
No pink sock found. 
But I wont stop my pursuin’. 
Why? Cuz my pink sock 
makes me SUPERHUMAN. 
That's right, 
it keeps my mojo movin’. 
Into the matrix I be tuned in.
White polka-dotted pink chakras 
bloomin'.  All that from a sock?
Umm, is you still snoozin'?
LOLOLOLOL, oh well! 
I'm on a pink sock mission, 
now, tell me who’s in?
What's next on the quest 
for the pink sock?
Got to retrace steps. 
Now, chop-chop.
When did I last take that sock off?
I think I was at the mall when I went shop shop?
That be how I’m rollin’. 
Shoppin’ ’til me skin blue. 
Dressing room hoppin’.
Slippin’ on a couple slim suits. 
Mix and matchin’.
Pattern clashin’.
Maybe in the melee 
I might've misplaced 
something...kinda…pink with…
sorta, umm… white polka dots...
a sock maybe? 
Suddenly, I feel so small. 
Well, shame on me. 
Sai la vie.
I guess I gotta go 
back to the maallll!
Ugh, and my quest don't stop. 
My pink sock 
spidey senses be on lock. 
Retracin’, retracin’, 
through mannequin smocks. 
Im racin’, I'm racin’ the clock. 
Now what am I doing here?
So many shoppable shops!
So many fly bottoms!
So many fly tops!
My attention flies 
out of its socks! 
And I'm on a mission for

I just can't find 
I just can't find 
my something something something.
What am I looking for again? Oh yeah, a sock. 
I just can't find 
I just can't find my polka-dotted pink sock. 

Still game for an epilogue? 
Aimless hangin’ at the mall. 
Cookie Jar, that's me. 
Hippie hair emcee. 
Lookin’ like a funny lookin’ 
Steve Aoki.
Yeah, I'm feeling right at home. 
Tryin’ a thousand items on. 
Pocket squares be talkin’. 
In my fashion semiotic zone. 
How could I not see this 
coming from 9 billion miles away? 
Entering a building 
full of eye candy. 
I love this place! Eh!
New fashion, new fashion. Eh!
Distraction, distraction. Eh!
Suddenly a polka-dotted pink pattern 
catches my eyeball
from far away like, oooh!
Is that u?
Sweet sock of mine,
to thine eyes be true?
Could this be my pink baby? 
I try not to freak
as I leap between old ladies
with shopping carts. 
I'm so close now. 
My heart stops. 
I'm like, oh wow!
Here it is, 
everything for this moment. 
Reunited and it feels so LIT!
Suddenly, it's all slo-mo. 
Emotions like a yo-yo. 
Hang on tight. It's a no-go. 
Ain't no cherry on top of the fro-yo.    
Yep, not a sock in sight. 
I bet u thought 
I hit jackpot, right?
Yeah, right.
In front of my dumb nose, 
a girl with a white polka-dotted pink bow! 
There I stood, confused, 
I thought I was gonna cry. 
The universe had led me 
to no sock. 
Instead just little a girl. Why?!
And so right there, 
this girl turns around,
gives me a super-long stare. 
Face perplexed. 
Then too loud she says,
"A boy with long hair?!"

I still can't find 
I still can't find 
my polka-dotted pink sock. When will I ever find it?
I still can't find 
I still can't find 
my polka-dotted pink sock. 
Where where oh where oh could it be?

You can flaunt that eyelet cuff. 
You can rock that pastel tie. 
Only you can tell yourself 
how to put color in yo' sky. 
Me, I like that pink & polka-dotted 
pattern in my pupil. 
It's the icing on my ensemble.

It's kinda super crucial… 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Pandas" - New Mista Cookie Jar Music Video/Single

Mista Cookie Jar is back with a high powered EDM track fueled by the love of Pandas. His nieces, Esme and Isa, are featured waving their panda freak flag high. Seriously, they are obsessed with Pandas. OBSESSED. Inspired by the girls' unending collection of panda paraphernalia, the song along is a dopamine infused surge of panda fandom psychedelia. Pure PANDA-MANIA! 

"Pandas" is the 20th official music video by Mista Cookie Jar. Listen to "Pandas" on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, etc.

Click below for lyrics: 

Esme, panda lover. #pandapants

Thursday, July 13, 2017

World Premiere: "Magic Believers" by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band​ (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)

Click here to listen.

We came up with the vision of this song one rare, drizzly LA afternoon at Lucky's. It was my first hangout sesh with Lucky​ and Alisha​ of the Emmy and Latin Grammy winning Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. Over some bomb homemade tacos, the couple told me about their concept of creating an album all about LA. They wanted to include their artist & musician friends in the area. It would be an extended LA Family Jam Band experience. It just took some vibing and soon we we started picking up instruments and getting down to business. We set out to create an anthem at the heart of these collaborations, about the dreamers and the magic of LA -- how we are all stars and guest stars in each other's super-duper lives. Inspired by the Lucky/Lishy synergy, I just sat back, took it all in, and jotted a bunch of notes. Months later, over Dropboxing some beats, keys, and vocals to each other, we had crafted a pretty dope track. All it needed was the cherry-on-top finishing touches of Dean Jones (another Grammy winner -- it's not bragging if they're your teammates, right?). Anywho, Lucky, Alisha, I'm honored and humbled to be considered a musical homie. It was magic how our song came together and it's magic how you've directed this entire album. The features are stellar: Todd McHatton, Andrew & Polly, Frances England, Mike Phirman, & Genevieve Goings -- such talent! So without further ado, off their soon-to-be released (July 21st!) LP, Made in LA, I proudly present, the latest Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band jam, "Magic Believers."

***Don't miss them live in So Cal next month! *** Who knows, you might see, me, Mista Cookie Jar, at some of the dates 😜