Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mista Cookie Jar 2017 LA Winter Shows

Here are Mista Cookie Jar's 2017 LA Winter Shows. Next one up at MAST Los Angeles downtown LA this Saturday at 10am! Bring the whole fam. It's a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Amazing tasting chocolate of all varieties. Plus, there will be bubbles, so you can reenact the Fizzy Lifting Drink Almost Death scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Bonus! — with McCabe's Guitar ShopBooks and Cookies LAChildren's Book WorldThe Cow's End CafeZimmer Children's MuseumPals Socks and MAST Los Angeles.

Jan 8 - McCabe’s Guitar Shop- 10:30am (Santa Monica)
Jan 12 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 13 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 1pm - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
Jan 21 - Sat- Mast Brother’s Chocolate Factory - 10am - LA, CA (Downtown)
Jan 26 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 28 - Sat - Children’s Book World - 10:30am (West Los Angeles)
Feb 7 - Tues - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
Feb 9 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Feb 23 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
March 3 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)

March 4 - Sat - Books and Cookies - “Pals Socks” Concert - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)

Monday, August 29, 2016

♫ Super Deluxe Action Figures ♫ - New Todd and Cookie!

My friend, Todd McHatton and I, make some far out, kooky kids music on occasion. We call ourselves, Todd and Cookie. Today, we're premiering a new 3 song EP called, "Super Deluxe Action Figures," on one of the top-notch blogs in family music, Zooglobble. Click the link below to check it out! 
And stay tuned, happy Chocolate Chip campers...cartoons to come!
Kindie rock's favorite postmodernist-pop bromance, Todd and Cookie, are back at it again with their sophomore EP, "Super Deluxe Action Figures." Meet their newest sidekick, "eMutt," the junkyard robot-dog made of junk. Travel the cosmos throughout history on a sweet ride, the "Ice Cream Time Machine." Delve into your own imagination as you kickback "In the Backseat"...with these boys, even the backseat has a name. It's Alouiscious. And he talks! Come one, come all. Witness the Todd and Cookie cosmos expand. It's melodic. It's funkified. It's a concoction only Todd and Cooke could create. 3 new tunes! 
"This is psychedelic goodness like those whacked-out cartoons we parents in our mid-to-late 30’s might remember from our own childhood. With a sober dash of Cheech & Chong thrown into this vegan musical stew for very good measure." 
"The new music is every bit the blend of psychedelia and multicultural hip-hop you'd expect from the duo, both sonically and lyrically (those titles! "eMutt," "In the Backyard," and my favorite "Ice Cream Time Machine.") Like ice cream swirls? You'll love this."
Purchase here:

♫ ♫ Super Deluxe Action Figures - Todd and Cookie♫ ♫ 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's a song about a song...DANCING PANTS!

Dancing Pants is a brand new summer song by the LA homies, Andrew and Polly featuring none other than yours truly, Mista Cookie Jar. In case you didn't know, Andrew & Polly will be joining Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips for a couple songs at our performance at the Getty Center! Super psyched! And guess what song we're gonna play...DANCING PANTS!

It's a meta-song!  It's about taking a boring day and turning it around, it's about hot sauce...  You'll just have to hear it.  So hurry up & get it:

Dancing Pants has already made it to #5 on the Kids Place Live weekly countdown.

If you want to hear it air live on Sirius XM Kids Place Live, you've got to let them know - e-mail, hit them up on Facebook or Twitter, or even give them a call (866) 328-2345.

And share with a pal!

Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 LA Summer Shows (and a Phoenix one too)

Here's the latest folks. Click links below for location and pricing details. Lot of great shows here folks! Super psyched to rock out McCabe's this summer. It's my favorite guitar shop ever. Got a show in Phoenix -- CMOP! This will be my 2nd time performing there. And yes, I'll be rocking Love Bubble up on their amazing "Climber"!! Also, got 2 BIG shows at the legendary Getty Center (the one off the 405) with special guest, Andrew & Polly (LA homies and Sirius XM Kids Place Live hitmakers!) and Todd McHatton (gonna do some Todd & Cookie stuff live for the first time!)  Also, I do birthday parties -- my favorite kind of gig. Hit me up for rates!

May 12 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
May 26 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
June 4 - Sat - Children’s Book World - 10:30am - West LA, CA (Rancho Park)
June 9  - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
June 10 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
June 23  - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
June 25 - Sat - Children’s Museum of Phoenix - 10 am & 11am - Phoenix, AZ
July 2 - Sat - Books and Cookies - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)
July 6 - Wed - Camp Yodie - Kiddy Tyme Kids  - 11am - Montelbello ,CA
July 10 - Sun - McCabe’s Guitar Shop - 11am (Santa Monica)
July 14 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
July 28 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Aug 11 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Aug 13 - Sat - Getty Center - Garden Concert for Kids
   ft. Ava Flava, Andrew & Polly, and Todd McHatton! - 4pm - LA, CA (Brentwood)
Aug 14 - Sun - Getty Center - Garden Concert for Kids
   ft. Ava Flava, Andrew & Polly, and Todd McHatton! - 4pm - LA, CA (Brentwood)
Aug 25- Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New album, Music is Everywhere, out now!

It’s been a wild and wonderful week for my family band, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips. We have a new album out, Music is Everywhere -- 3 years in the making. We couldn’t be happier to finally share this record! 

Click here to purchase the CD, here to purchase in iTunes, and here to stream. 

To promote the record release, we dropped 5 new music videos each day this week (videos below). 

Kids Can Groove kicked things off on Monday with a Mista Cookie Jar interview and the premiere of Hold on to Your Dreams filmed in the California Redwoods, featuring Chocolate Chip fam bam regulars, Tembra Campbell and her daughter, Lyrin. Tuesday, geek-blog, Cooperdiem, dropped the 360 Virtual Reality music video, “The Way We Gets Down” co-produced with Mighty VR and Rite Shot Media -- a couple all nighters to get this one off the ground and running! Wednesday, Out With the Kids was next with our 3rd installment of the week, “Be a Little Angel,” featuring young ballerinas from Venice’s very own, Starrfish Dance Academy. Thursday, Full Van Fun, along with a fun "8 is Enough" 8 question interview, premiered, “Jelly Beans” hilariously animated by 15 year-old kindie rocker/DJ, Trevor Walls, of Goober Kids Radio and the Zing Zangs. And lastly, Zooglobble premiered the album and a brand new song/video, “Young at Heart,” featuring claymation by the amazing Portland-based artist, Alex Chiu

The praise and response to all the videos has been overwhelmingly wonderful. On behalf of my family -- the Chocolate Chips, the Missis, & myself --  thank you to all of those who have posted, liked, & commented. Big ups to those who have helped out in the production & promotion of the music and videos. And #infinitegratitude to our family, friends and the whole "kindie" community. Your support means the world! Music is a true labor of love and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy the new record!

        --Mista Cookie Jar

Mista Cookie Jar and his family band, the Chocolate Chips, present their 3rd album, Music is Everywhere. 11 anthems of old-soul wisdom reimagined for fresh 21st century ears. Each song, an eclectic and wholly original blend of styles and genres set, in turn, to the soulful and spirited vocals of Mista Cookie Jar. Exploring themes of youth, coming of age, and family life, Cookie’s playful and poetic lyrics guide the listener through the joys and wonders of each musical world. Highlights include featured vocal performances by fam-bam Chocolate Chip regulars, Ava Flava, the rappin’ & croonin’ teen, & Tembra Campbell with her bluegrass stylings. As producer, Mista Cookie Jar brings his brand of "Urban Island Folky Rock 'n Roll for the Inner Child" to new levels -- it's the Way of the Cookie Jar. Motown, big band swing, honky tonk, surf rock, classical, rap, ska, reggae, bluegrass, and on and on. Favoring (at least for this album) an organic audio texture in a world of blips and beeps, Music is Everywhere is comprised mostly of real instruments played by fingers, hands and feet. Follow Mista Cookie Jar on a musical journey into unimagined realms, crossing cultures and traditions, revealing the song of life with each moment in a return to innocence. 

Dedicating a full year to the craft of the song, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips have selected choice tracks from their “single-a-month” run from 2014 to 2015, their “3’s a Charm” EP as well as a couple exclusive unreleased tracks for this album. Many songs have already been featured on family music radio stations, blogs and podcasts, including WXPN’s Kids Corner, WFDU’s Kids Crossroads, KUTX’s Spare the Rock Spoil the Child, Out With The Kids, Kids Can Groove, Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl, Zooglobble, and Sirius XM’s 78’s Kids Place Live.

"LA-based group Mista Cookie Jar and The Chocolate Chis are one of the biggest champions of bringing positive messages into households. This family ensemble is eager to reach young, developing minds and to inspire thinkers, dreamers, and those of us young at heart."

"a spiritual cousin perhaps to Dylan's 'Forever Young.'" -Zooglobble , in praise of “Young at Heart”

"I freaking love this Sam Cooke inspired slow jam by Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips. LOVE IT!...It's like b&w cameras were rolling, catching Degas painting and sculpting in the studio while Cooke laid down his classic tracks."  --Jeff Bogle, Out With the Kids, in praise of “Be a Little Angel”

"There are few artists who bring a tap to our feet and smile to our heart more than Mista Cookie Jar. His music is filled with a joyous spirit that reflects itself in a musical kaleidoscope of genres beyond description, but not your soul." -Full Van Fun

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day 5 of 5: Young at Heart & Album release, Music is Everywhere.

Girls & boys, ladies & gentlemen, courtesy of Zooglobble, we proudly present to you our 5th and final music video of the week, "Young at Heart," as well as the release of the latest Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips LP, "Music is Everywhere." Zooglobble calls the new tune, "a spiritual cousin perhaps to Dylan's 'Forever Young.'" How cool is that? Animation by the ingenious, Alex Chiu of Portland. The new album is officially out! To watch the video, purchase the cd/mp3s, and read the post, click here.
‪#‎Day5WeekOfTheCookie‬, check! Phew...we did it folks!

***Below is the art for the album, designed by the Missis & myself

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 4, Week of the Cookie: "Jelly Beans!"

‪#‎WeekOfTheCookieDay4‬ ***Jelly Beans!*** Check out the Mista Cookie Jar‪#‎8isEnough‬ interview, courtesy of Full Van Fun as well as the just-in-time-for-Easter, fresh new Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips music video -- wildly animated and directed by the 16-year-old kindie phenom, Trevor Walls of Goober Kids Radio and the Zing Zangs!
Click here to read the post!
"There are few artists who bring a tap to our feet and smile to our heart more than Mista Cookie Jar. His music is filled with a joyous spirit that reflects itself in a musical kaleidoscope of genres beyond description, but not your soul."
        -Full Van Fun

Album drops tomorrow!!!! In the meantime, we present to you, Jelly Beans!: