Thursday, July 13, 2017

World Premiere: "Magic Believers" by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band​ (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)

Click here to listen.

We came up with the vision of this song one rare, drizzly LA afternoon at Lucky's. It was my first hangout sesh with Lucky​ and Alisha​ of the Emmy and Latin Grammy winning Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. Over some bomb homemade tacos, the couple told me about their concept of creating an album all about LA. They wanted to include their artist & musician friends in the area. It would be an extended LA Family Jam Band experience. It just took some vibing and soon we we started picking up instruments and getting down to business. We set out to create an anthem at the heart of these collaborations, about the dreamers and the magic of LA -- how we are all stars and guest stars in each other's super-duper lives. Inspired by the Lucky/Lishy synergy, I just sat back, took it all in, and jotted a bunch of notes. Months later, over Dropboxing some beats, keys, and vocals to each other, we had crafted a pretty dope track. All it needed was the cherry-on-top finishing touches of Dean Jones (another Grammy winner -- it's not bragging if they're your teammates, right?). Anywho, Lucky, Alisha, I'm honored and humbled to be considered a musical homie. It was magic how our song came together and it's magic how you've directed this entire album. The features are stellar: Todd McHatton, Andrew & Polly, Frances England, Mike Phirman, & Genevieve Goings -- such talent! So without further ado, off their soon-to-be released (July 21st!) LP, Made in LA, I proudly present, the latest Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band jam, "Magic Believers."

***Don't miss them live in So Cal next month! *** Who knows, you might see, me, Mista Cookie Jar, at some of the dates 😜

Thursday, April 27, 2017


☀️❤️🎶 Proud to present the latest Mista Cookie Jar single, "Serotonin," brought to you by the good folks at Full Van Fun.

Available on CDBABY, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Tidal, and Spotify.

"...Mista Cookie Jar’s new groove gets your smiles swaying and your chemicals blazing. Through a blissful beat and an ocean of joyful emotion, 'Serotonin' is a sonic electronic scientific mnemonic about the neurotransmitter “Serotonin” and the important role it plays in your brain."

--Full Van Fun (Click here for the full write up.)

"Serotonin" Press Release:
Mista Cookie Jar returns with another super-catchy postmodern party anthem for all, "Serotonin," a celebration of human anatomy's favorite chemical compound. Breaking down the elements of über-electrifyingly contagious joy, Mista Cookie Jar harnesses the powers of the heart and brain in a musical inspired concoction of pop, motown, hip-hop, and EDM. Want endless serotonin? All it takes is endless la-la-love...Mista Cookie Jar got it covered!

Click here for lyrics. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mista Cookie Jar 2017 LA Winter Shows

Here are Mista Cookie Jar's 2017 LA Winter Shows. Next one up at MAST Los Angeles downtown LA this Saturday at 10am! Bring the whole fam. It's a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Amazing tasting chocolate of all varieties. Plus, there will be bubbles, so you can reenact the Fizzy Lifting Drink Almost Death scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Bonus! — with McCabe's Guitar ShopBooks and Cookies LAChildren's Book WorldThe Cow's End CafeZimmer Children's MuseumPals Socks and MAST Los Angeles.

Jan 8 - McCabe’s Guitar Shop- 10:30am (Santa Monica)
Jan 12 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 13 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 1pm - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
Jan 21 - Sat- Mast Brother’s Chocolate Factory - 10am - LA, CA (Downtown)
Jan 26 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 28 - Sat - Children’s Book World - 10:30am (West Los Angeles)
Feb 7 - Tues - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
Feb 9 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Feb 23 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
March 3 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)

March 4 - Sat - Books and Cookies - “Pals Socks” Concert - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)