Mista Cookie Jar 2018 LA Spring/Summer Shows


Mista Cookie Jar 2018 LA Winter Shows

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Mista Cookie Jar 2017 LA Winter Shows

Here are Mista Cookie Jar's 2017 LA Winter Shows. Next one up at MAST Los Angeles downtown LA this Saturday at 10am! Bring the whole fam. It's a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Amazing tasting chocolate of all varieties. Plus, there will be bubbles, so you can reenact the Fizzy Lifting Drink Almost Death scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Bonus! — with McCabe's Guitar ShopBooks and Cookies LAChildren's Book WorldThe Cow's End CafeZimmer Children's MuseumPals Socks and MAST Los Angeles.

Jan 8 - McCabe’s Guitar Shop- 10:30am (Santa Monica)
Jan 12 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier) 
Jan 13 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 1pm - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
Jan 21 - Sat- Mast Brother’s Chocolate Factory - 10am - LA, CA (Downtown) 
Jan 26 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 28 - Sat - Children’s Book World - 10:30am (West Los Angeles)
Feb 7 - Tues - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire) 
Feb 9 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Feb 23 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
March 3 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire) 

March 4 - Sat - Books and Cookies - “Pals Socks” Concert - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)

Here's the latest folks. Click links below for location and pricing details. Lot of great shows here folks! Super psyched to rock out McCabe's this summer. It's my favorite guitar shop ever. Got a show in Phoenix -- CMOP! This will be my 2nd time performing there. And yes, I'll be rocking Love Bubble up on their amazing "Climber"!! Also, got 2 BIG shows at the legendary Getty Center (the one off the 405) with special guest, Andrew & Polly (LA homies and Sirius XM Kids Place Live hitmakers!) and Todd McHatton (gonna do some Todd & Cookie stuff live for the first time!) Got a private show in DC August 6 -- working on trying to get a least 1 show out there around the area. Stay tuned for details! Also, I do birthday parties -- my favorite kind of gig. Hit me up for rates!

May 12 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
May 26 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
June 4 - Sat - Children’s Book World - 10:30am - West LA, CA (Rancho Park)
June 9  - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
June 10 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
June 23  - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
June 25 - Sat - Children’s Museum of Phoenix - 10 am & 11am - Phoenix, AZ
July 2 - Sat - Books and Cookies - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)
July 6 - Wed - Camp Yodie - Kiddy Tyme Kids  - 11am - Montelbello ,CA
July 10 - Sun - McCabe’s Guitar Shop - 11am (Santa Monica)
July 14 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
July 28 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Aug 11 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Aug 13 - Sat - Getty Center - Garden Concert for Kids
   ft. Ava Flava, Andrew & Polly, and Todd McHatton! - 4pm - LA, CA (Brentwood)
Aug 14 - Sun - Getty Center - Garden Concert for Kids
   ft. Ava Flava, Andrew & Polly, and Todd McHatton! - 4pm - LA, CA (Brentwood)
Aug 25- Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)


Whole lotta LA shows this coming season!

2 new shows added with Andrew & Polly & Jim Cosgrove to celebrate the compliation releases of "Heart Beats" and "Smiles Ahead" on Mighty Mo Productions in conjunction with Hallmark! Jan 30 at Amy's Hallmark Shop in Manhattan Beach and Jan 31 and the legendary McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. Also, a new venue for me. Children’s Book World! Always wanted to perform at this beautiful children's bookstore...and it's just down the road from where we live! Here's the newest flyer ('toon of Mista Cookie Jar created by my friend, Todd McHatton of Todd and Cookie): 

Click links for address, pricing, etc. 

Jan 28 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 30 - Sat - Amy’s Hallmark Shop 
           w/Andrew & Polly & Jim Cosgrove - 11am (Manhattan Beach)
Jan 31 - Sun - McCabe’s w/Andrew & Polly & Jim Cosgrove - 11am (Santa Monica)
Feb 6 - Sat - Books and Cookies - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)
Feb 11 - Thurs -  Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Feb 25 - Thurs -  Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
March 4 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum (w/Luis!) - 11am - LA, CA - (Mid-Whilshire)
March 10 - Thurs -  Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
March 31- Thurs -  Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
April 14 - Thurs -  Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
April 23 - Children’s Book World - 10:30am - West LA, CA (Rancho Park) 
April 28 - Thurs -  Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)

#MistaCookieJar 2015-16 LA Winter Shows!!

Cows End shows are all based on donations. Holiday Show at Cow's End (feat. Cow's End artists, Andrew & Polly, David Tobocman, and Danny Meyer) is  $10 suggested donation. Books and Cookies is $10 as well. Below are the addresses. See you guys there!

*Update* Details on Jan 30 & 31 shows coming soon!

The Cow's End Cafe
34 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA

Books and Cookies
2309 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 

Zimmer Children's Museum
6505 Wilshire Blvd., #100 
Los Angeles, CA 90048 

Here's the Autumn schedule for Mista Cookie Jar shows in the LA area. Click on each show below to find out location and pricing details. Check back for updates on flyer and new shows added -- I get a lot of last minute stuff! [UPDATE: New Cow's End Show Nov 5th and Books & Cookie show originally in Dec has been moved to Jan 23.]

For show requests, b-day parties & all other inquiries:

Click hyperlinks for details:

Sept 10 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Sept 14 - Mon - Cow’s End  - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Sept 26 - Sat - Marzo’s Variety Show - Zephyr Theatre - 11am - Hollywood, CA
Oct 8 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Oct 22 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Nov 5 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
***Nov 8 - Sun - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 3pm - LA, CA (Mid-Whilshire)
Nov 19 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 23 - Sat - Books and Cookies - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)

***Show features Ava Flava

Mista Cookie Jar 2015 Summer Shows! 

If you are in the LA area or Chicago this summer, come out and see a Mista Cookie Jar show!!

If you want to book a show, hit me up…FYI, I do birthday parties too ;)

Click hyperlinks for details:

June 16 - Tues - Tuesday Night Cafe - 7:30 pm - Little Tokyo (Downtown LA) 
June 18 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
July 2 - Thurs - The Grove - Twinkle Time Show (feat. MCJ) - 11am & 12pm LA, CA 
July 6 - Mon - Commerce Central Library * - 6pm - Commerce, CA
July 7 - Tues - Atlantic Branch Library * - 6pm - Commerce, CA
July 8 - Wed - Greenwood Branch Library * - 6pm - Commerce, CA
July 9 - Thurs - Bristow Park Branch Library - 6pm - Commerce, CA
July 11 - Sat - LA LIVE - Family Day Takeover - Noon - Downtown LA, CA
July 13 - Mon - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier) 
July 16 - Thurs - Camp Yodie - 10am - KiDDyYTyME (Montebello, CA)
July 20 - Mon - Cow’s End - 10:30am -  Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
July 24 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - Sing-A-Long w/Luis - 11am LA, CA
July 26 - Sun - Marzo’s Variety Show - Zephyr Theatre - 11am - West Hollywood, CA (Melrose)
July 31 - Fri - Lollapalooza * - Kidzapalooza Stage - 1:30 - Chicago, IL (Grant Park) 
Aug 1 - Sat - Lollapalooza * - Kidzapalooza Stage - 12:30 - Chicago, IL (Grant Park) 
Aug 7 - Fri - Zimmer Children’s Museum - Sing-A-Long w/Luis - 11am LA, CA
Aug 13 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Aug 15 - Sat - Books and Cookies - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.) 
Aug 24 - Mon - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)

*Chocolate Chip show! (featuring Ava Flava)

July 22 - "3's a Charm" 3 Song EP Release & Video Premiere - Online Everywhere
July 25 - Harvard and Highland (18+) - Pittsburgh, PA - 8pm
July 26 - The Children's Museum of The Ohio Valley (w/Josh&Gab) - Wheeling, WV - 4pm
July 29 - Wolf Trap's Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods - DC Metro - 10:30am
July 30 -  Wolf Trap's Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods -DC Metro - 10:30am
Aug 2 - "Rox In Sox" Festival - Portland/Lake Oswego, OR - 10am to 4pm

July 22 - Tuesday
"3's a Charm" 3 Song EP Release & Video Premiere 
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo
"3's a Charm," a 3-song EP, will be the 3rd official collection of songs released by Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips. More info coming soon.

July 25 - Friday
Harvard & Highland (18+)
Pittsburgh, PA - 8pm (Free)
An evening of comedy and music at Harvard & Highland with Gab Bonesso. Mista Cookie Jar will perform a handful of inner child inspired acoustic songs. Gab Bonesso of Josh & Gab will be telling jokes. Free to attend, cocktail and drink specials.
220 N Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

July 26 - Saturday
Wheeling, WV - 4pm

Excited to announce Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips will be performing The Children's Museum of the Ohio Valley. Located in Mista Cookie Jar's hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia, the show will also feature Pittsburgh's Kindie rock 'n' roll/stand up comedy, anti-bullying, superstar duo, Josh & Gab. Located in beautiful downtown Wheeling, The Children's Museum of the Ohio Valley has been a staple for Wheeling families for the past 12 years. 

2112 Market Street, Wheeling, WV 26003

July 29-30 (Tues-Wed) 
Vienna, VA (DC Metro) - 10:30 AM:  $10
For families in the DC metro area, Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips will be performing 2 shows at Wolf Trap's Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods July 29 & 30. Located in Vienna, VA, Wolf Trap’s beloved outdoor theatre for children has been a tradition for generations. Down a meadow path, over a bridge, nestled in trees, Theatre-in-the-Woods is full of happy children all summer long. As part of a summer series featuring performers such as Dan Zanes, The Pop Ups, and Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band, Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips are honored to join the Wolf Trap tradition.
Tickets are $10. Shows start at 10:30 AM.  For more info and to purchase tickets click here: 

1551 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182
Aug 2 (Sat) 
Rox In Sox
Portland Lake Oswego, OR - 10AM to 4PM: Free
Portland area fans, check out Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips at the one and only Rox In Sox festival August 2nd. Free and open to the public, Rox In Sox will feature some of the most celebrated family music entertainers in the world including Aaron Nigel Smith, Red Yarn, The Not Its, Recess Monkey, School of Rock, & 23, Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo. In celebration of children's music and literature, the festival will be collecting socks, books and shoes for kids who need them. Daylong activities include yoga and other fitness fun, hula hooping, drumming, arts and crafts, face-painting, and at least 20 vendors providing food and activities. Join the fun and bring some lawn chairs!

The West End Building  4101 Kruse Way, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Kids Place Live! SiriusXM 78 - 5pm (ET)
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo & Mista Cookie Jar will be dropping by the Monkey House on SiriusXM 78's Kids Place Live!. Tune in 5pm ET with host Jack Forman of Recess Monkey as Skidoo & Cookie talk kid hop, drop rhymes, and freestyle to kid-caller ideas.

Past Shows SHOWS:

Thursday, May 8th, I had another performance with my steel stars & moon guitar at the The Cow's End Cafe near the Venice Boardwalk. Good peeps. A lovely vibe. Always the highest of spirits. 10:30 to 11am. There was bubbles!

Click the hyperlinks for details.

Thursday, February 20/ 10:30 to 11am: Cow's End Kids Sing Along [Free!]
Saturday, February 22 / 3:15 to 5 pm: Music In the Garden Concert Series with Sandra Sandia [$5]
Sunday, February 23 / 2pm to 5pm: Zimmerpalooza! [General Admission $25kids/ $50 adults]

September 17 - Tuesday Night Cafe - LA's Little Tokyo - 7 pm
September 21 - LA Waterkeeper's Coastal Clean Up Day - Dockweiler Beach - 11:00 am
September 23 - Todd and Cookie's 
Cartoon World Premiere & Mini-Album Release Sirius XM 78 Kids Place Live! - 4pm
October 6 - Serial Time for Tiny Humans! (Storytelling show)- Books and Cookies - 11 am
October 12 - Mista Cookie Jar SHOW! - Books and Cookies - 10 am
October 20 - Castle Heights Fall Festival - Morning to Afternoon
October 26 - Halloween Spooktacular with Groovy DavidGroovy Lounge - 10 am to 12 pm


July 17 - Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, Connecticut - 2:30 pm
July 27 - KPCC Crawford Familiy Forum, Pasadena, California -10:30 am 
Aug 11 - Zimmerman Children's Museum - Los Angeles, California - 3:00 pm 
Aug 14 - Birdie Mendoza CD Release Celebration- Levitt Pavillion - 7 pm
Aug 22 - Camp Yodie - Montebello, California - 10:00 am
Aug 24 - Books & Cookies - Santa Monica, California - 10:00 am

What's on the horizon this 2013 July? Well, well, well....

Mistic & the Mista: Mista Cookie Jar @ Mystic Aquarium! 

Calling all Connecticut Chocolate Chips! July 17, Mista Cookie Jar & Ava Flava will be rocking out with Steve Elci & Friends as part of the Kidsploration Concert Series at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut! We are the first in a stellar summer lineup including Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam BandMiss-Amy Kids, and The Okee Dokee Brothers. And yes, there will be Sea Lions!!!!

Performances in the Foxwoods Marine Theatre start at 2:30pm and are FREE with your admission. Click here for Mystic Aquarium website and more details!

Also, peep this video to learn more about Kidsploration Concert Series at Mystic Aquarium:

Spotlight Mystic Aquarium from NBC Connecticut on Vimeo.

89.3 KPCC  Crawford Family Forum: 
Music for Kids (and Their Grown-Ups): Lisa Loeb, Aaron Nigel Smith, and Mista Cookie Jar

July 27 at 10:30 am, I will be part of a panel and on-air concert about family music on 89.3 KPCC. The panel will feature myself as well as these two extremely talented family music artists:  Lisa Loeb (yes, the Lisa Loeb who sings, "You say, I talk so all the"!) and Aaron Nigel Smith. It will be hosted by "Take Two" host (and roller derby extraordinaire), Alex Cohen. It's an honor to be on the panel, indeed. SO looking forward to it!!

The event will be at the Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena, Ca.  10:00am - Doors Open, 10:30am - Program. Admission is FREE, but RSVPs are required. Click here for details. 

For those not in the area, there will be a live stream here! Video and audio will be archived at as well!

The Never Ending Love Bubble Tour Continues!

"Y'all be the reason it's Love Bubble season 365 days a year!" We've got a string of new tour dates to promote our new album, Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution. Let the revolution begin!

Aug 25 - Feat. the Ukulady - Lot 1 - 1-4pm - LA/Echo Park
Sept 1st - Culver City Block Party - 12pm - Info TBA - LA
Sept 26 - Sirius Radio's Kids Place Live! [XM 78]- 5 to 6pm - DC
Sept 27 - Smithsonian Discovery Theater - 10:15am & 11:30am - DC
Sept 28 - Smithsonian Discovery Theater - 10:15am  & 11:30am - DC
Sept 29 - Jammin Java - 10:00am - Metro DC
Oct 20 - Carson Pavilion Mall -Filipino American History Month Event- Carson
Nov 10 - Books & Cookies - Santa Monica
Jan 26 - Symphony Space - 11am - NYC 
Jan 27 - Long Island Childrens Museum - 1 pm & 3pm - NYC
Feb 10 - MomAngeles Presents: Sunday Funday @ Romp - 2pm to 4pm - LA

Still more details and shows to come!

Saturday, September 29th, 2012 

Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E 
Vienna, VA 22180

$10 for anyone 1 year or older

•         Buy tickets here
•         Via phone 703.255.1566 (Hours are 9am – 1:30am, 7days a week)
•         In person, at the front register.

Jammin Java is the last stop on our Smithsonian tour. It's is an all ages show (but of course). Our show will be part of "Tot Rock," Jammin Java's super-popular concert music series, providing wholesome family entertainment at one of DC metro area's finest music clubs. Many of the Kindie favs have perform here, including Agent 23 Skidoo, Recess Monkey, Billy Kelly, and many many more.  First come, first seated!

Follow Jammin Java on Twitter, Facebook &

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7:30 pm

Hello Little Tokyo! Here we come....Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips will be debuting their new album, Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution as part of FAMILY NIGHT @ Tuesday Night Project. Also featured, some of TNP's youngest, Maiya Grace and Tula, OUTspoken Sessions' Jack Cummings, Narinda Heng, and Sonia Rao! Always the best of vibes @ TNP!!!! Come one come all!


July 19, 2011

Coming up, we have a couple shows with the TNP crowd over in Little Tokyo! July 19th, we're rocking TNP and will be debuting our new song, "Happy Place." Here's the info. Also, August 6th, TNP presents the J-Town Summer Sessions. We will be recording this performance and it will feature the Ukulady's Ukulad on banjo and mandolin!

Tuesday Night Project presents:
in partnership with Glenn Suravech & Mosaic Sound Recordings and Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple

J-Town Summer Sessions: A Live Concert Recording and Celebration of Art + Community

August 6th, 2011
Doors open at 12:45pm

Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple
505 E 3rd St (at 3rd & Central)
Los Angeles, CA

Tickets on sale now: http://www.brownpaperticke
$20 General Admission Presale ($25 at the door)
$15 Student/Senior Presale ($20 at the door)
Click here for more info.

Main Street's 11th Annual Summer SOULstice

Look who's on the bill!...that's right, the CHOCOLATE CHIPS! It's the largest free outdoor music event on the West Side! This Sunday, June 26, 1pm at the New Orleans Bldg. Courtyard...Main Street, Santa Monica. Later that afternoon we'll be performing OceanPark MerchantsMart...come one, come all!

Click here for details.

2011 Spring, continuing Star's W.I.M. program, Mista Cookie Jar will tour a different LA school weekly!

Alongside the Ukulady, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips are performing at the premiere of Gnomeo & Juliet at the Majestic Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA. 10:30am, 2-12-11 SAT

Check out the UKULADY!


Castle Heights Fall Fest!
Mista Cookie Jar will be MC'in!
Sun, October 17 (more info soon!)

Saturday, October 23 from 11am-3pm
Lincoln Halloween Carnival!
Lincoln Elementary School
Featuring puppetry and art of Alex and Amisa Chiu of Eyeball Burp!

Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips (yes the kids too!) will be touring the northeast region of the US late May through early June to promote their album, the LOVE BUBBLE. We will meet up with our homie Gregory Brown* from May 29 to June 5. Matthue Roth will join us in NYC June 8. And we're working on getting a gig on the 10 in DC with the mayor of DC hiphop, Head-Roc. Stay Tuned!

5-21 Morgantown, WV: Healthsouth Mountainview Hospital - 5:30pm (Fri)
5-22 Pittsburgh, PA: 35th Anniversary Carriage House Children's Center** - 10 am (Sat)
Pittsburgh PA: Joe's Bachelor Party (21+) - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern - 7pm
5-24 Wheeling, WV: Wheeling Country Day School - 2:30 pm (Mon)
5-29 Topsfield, MA: Greater Boston Charity Horseshow - (Sat...details TBA)
5-31 White River Jct., VT: Gypsy Twins @ The Main Street Museum - 7pm (Mon)
6-01 Windsor, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Windsor Station Pub (Tues)
6-02 Perkinsville, VT: Weathersfield Elementary School - 9am (Wed)
Windsor, VT: Mount Ascutney Rehab Hospital - Noon (Wed)
Hartland Four Corners, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Skunk Hollow Tavern 8:30pm (Wed)
6-03 Woodstock, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Bentley's 9pm (Thurs)
6-04 Windsor, VT: State Street School - All Day Workshop/Performance (Fri)
Hanover, NH: Gypsy Twins @ Jesse's Tavern - 7pm (Fri)
6-05 Windsor, VT: Madison's 4th Birthday Party (Sat...Private Show)
6-08 Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY: feat. Matthue Roth @ Perch Cafe - 10 am (Tues)
6-10 Washington, DC (Thurs...TBA)

* Shows indicated as "Gypsy Twins" include Gregory Brown and Mista Cookie Jar playing acoustic versions of Love Bubble songs and Gregory Brown originals for an adult crowd.
**Purchase tickets in advanced here.

Stay tuned for more coast to coast LOVE BUBBLE summer tour dates!


Wanna volunteer or play a free show with me at the hospital?

Email me or call me!
Any day except Friday and Saturday usually works.

Here's the address of the hospital:

Goldstar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Santa Monica
1340 15th Street
Santa Monica, CA

5-16-10 Clementine's Birthday Bash!


May 2, 2010 - We Love Cahuenga Library BIG SUNDAY Beautification Day

Celebration goes on from 12- 5 p.m. The Chocolate Chips will go on at 1!

4591 Santa Monica Blvd (at Madison)

For more info click HERE.

Sunday, April 25th 2010 - The Green Expo: Earth Day Celebration in Orange County!

Mista Cookie Jar & Ava Flav hit the Main Stage at 2:30pm and will be performing in the children's area the rest of the afternoon!

Mile Square Park, April 24 - 25, 2010
16801 Euclid Fountain Valley, CA 92708

March 20-21 Green Expo - Woodley Park!

Click here to read about what happened!


March 18 - Cort Guitar Workers Solidarity Concert

Thursday, March 18, 2010
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Temple Gateway Youth & Community Center (SIPA)
3200 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA
On Thursday March 18th, at SIPA (3200 W. Temple St, downtown LA), we will be having the second Cort Worker solidarity concert at 7pm --

"No Workers No Music, No Music No Life!"

Help push the momentum!

Solidarity Concert
$3, All Ages

Featured Performers:
David Tran aka applesauce
Sue-Jin Kim
Shin Kawasaki
Andrew Figueroa Chiang
Mista Cookie Jar

See you all there!!!!

More Info click HERE


Jan 22 - Hella Hipster Hoedown #9

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips are FIRST on the bill!
There will be bubbles!!!

Location:pehrspace (in Los Angeles)
Time:8:30PM Friday, January 22nd

For face book info click here.

12-05-09 Saturday

Mista Cookie Jar feat. the Chocolate Chips
Merchants Mart
2411 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 452-0366

This is Grumpa's mart! (Grumpa is Ava and Lucas's granddad!)

12-12-09 Saturday

Ivon Allen's Xmas Party!
Details unavailable.

Film premiere of Mr. Sadman
Friday night- 9pm- Screening
11pm - Mista Cookie Jar performs with Gregory Brown
$5 presale/$10 at the door
Benefit Concert: Hope- For Survivors of the Natural Disasters in Philippines, Samoa, & Vietnam
Gypsy Twins (Gregory Brown and Mista Cookie Jar)
Friday Night at 8 pm
Feat Sue Jin
Pomona College
333 North College Way, Claremont, CA 91711
Sunday 11 am and 3 pm
Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips
Fall Fest! Castle Heights Elementary School
9755 Cattaraugus Ave,
LA, CA 90034
10-20-09 Tuesday, 7 pm
Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips with Sue Jin!
Tuesday Night Cafe @ Aratani Courtyard/Union Center for the Arts
120 Judge Aiso St., LA, CA 90012
Cost: 1 buck won't suck!
(watch it live here)
9-28-09 Monday, 2-4pm
Mista Cookie Jar feat. The Chocolate Chips
3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA
Cost: Free