Friday, September 25, 2009

A Mista Cookie Jar Documentary....?!

Nick J Palmer, my friend and fellow colleague, is making a doc about me and my work as a "Strolling Minstrel" at the convalescent hospital I work at in Santa Monica. We've been filming for the past few months and have much excitement and "ecstatic truths" on tape! Hooooty whooo! I'm fortunate someone is capturing some of the stories of my friends at this home away from home. Despite the dreary vibes inherent in hospital life, we have a lot of fun and make a lot of magic happen. There's LOOOVE among residents. And such characters! Aunt Carol being one of them! Also, my girlfriend's mother/my adopted mother, Victoria--she came up with the whole idea of the Love Bubble! I can't go on without mentioning my second adopted mother and Soul Coach, Miss Angel Crain (first pic above). She has kept me in check with life and quality of recordings/performances.

It's a true honor to be working with Nick and his cinematographer, the talented, Amanda Treyz (check out her work on the amazing film, Acholiland, a short film about refugees and U.N. workers in Northern Uganda). We've captured many concerts with the residents, interviews, karaoke fun, music video shoots, Mista Cookie Jar concerts, and much much more. Sometimes it feels like my own reality TV show, talk about awkward. ; ) Nick was aiming for a short documentary in the beginning, but it may be turning into something bigger perhaps....stay tuned!


  1. really nice. You really bring love everywhere with you. I'm so honored to know you.

  2. I'm so honored to know u COUSIN and be in a band with ur daughter! n give sax lessons to yo momma! wont ya come on by the hospital for a guitar lesson and some sweet good ole fashion charity?