Monday, October 15, 2012

Boys & Girls, Ladies & Gents, presenting the one and only....(drumroll)....Lucas!

Filmed during the hottest more-summer-than-summer autumn in recent memory, "Lucas!" follows the "wild child from the wild wild west" throughout an epic Venice, California day of graffiti (the legal kind), razors (the scooter kind), and chicken fights (the pool kind). Riding around Venice on his checkered razor with his gang of Chocolate Chips, Lucas!, Ava Flava's Chocolate Chip little brother, makes homies with everyone he meets-- from toddlers at pool parties to tattooed punks at the skate park. The song, with its nods to surf-rock, rap, & 3rd wave ska, is a tribute to this westernized "Buddha Child" (one of many AKAs) and his knack for uniting the world. A soul-rebel-rocker through and through, 8 year-old Lucas!, has a heart bigger than his rude-boy mouth, a rowdy sense of humor to bring any class down with fits of laughter, and an imagination to charm any adult into reducing his time out sentence.

"Lucas!" is the 8th music video of Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips as well as the 3rd video single off their latest album, Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution.

Director - Andrew Choe
Cinematographer/Camera - Andrew Choe & Deangelo Harding
Editor/Animation - Mista Cookie Jar
Producer - Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips
Ruby J Entertainment

Big ups to the pops, Shamir & Daniel. And all the chips: Cameron, Kevin, Sasha, Samantha, Lyrin, Clementine, Lulu, Isaiah, Curtis Jr. (Team We!), & the awesomest band to rock our backyard, Eagle Wing--Aidan, Eliot, Christopher, Julius--you guys rrrrock!

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