Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lyrics: buddha child

lyrics by mista cookie jar & south pa

(south pa)
hello squids!
today i'd like to welcome to the classroom,
mista cookie jar!

(mista cookie jar)
hey there, little guy.
u could be yo mama's buddha child.
so why don'tcha?

i got a question for u kid:
do u see a path of dreamlight coming in?
do u see the dragonflies behind your sneakers?
its sweet hysteria
as we bounce along with the wind.

i got a question for u kid:
do u even know who doogie howser is?
and might I say that ur
that doogie howser kinda kid?
no doubt, an alpha child.
i'm developing sudden jealousy.

why do I feel
like a big heel
and rookie boy's
the buddah child, why?

(south pa)

when i was a kid
i had a big head
"so big! so big!" said the other squids
who looked like kids.
who is this hanna?
is she really from the state of montana?
never had a pinky that wasn't petite.
never met a buddha without funky feet.
the harriest potter is a daughter of patience
so zen up the art of ur tri-cycle matinence.

(mista cookie jar)

we got a lot to teach u kid.
but we don't need ur help
unless u wanna give.
we breathed in symphonies
like u, we're living in it.
so many melodies.
what's challenging is remembering.

i got an order for u, kid.
don't stumble on these words,
just be u every minute.
its safe to say that
everyday's a blessing, yes it is.
i'll do my best to give u
better days in everyway.

and so it goes
the message told
for generation indigo. whoa!

(south pa)
sweet niblets

(mista cookie jar)
hey there, little guy.
buddha child.

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