Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who is Mista Cookie Jar?

C.J. "Mista Cookie Jar" Pizarro (born July 22, 1980) is a Filipino-West Virginian music producer/poet/filmmaker/MC involved in such collaborations as Santa Inferno, Eagle Quest, Chibi Vision, the Philistines, and most recently, Soul Phuziomati and the Gypsy Twins. While earning his BA in English from George Washington University in 2002 and his MFA in Poetry/Creative Writing from Otis College in LA, he has produced and co-produced over 10 music albums since 1997, numerous films/short films and is the author of a book of poetry entitled, "Genesis of a Mongoloid Messiah." Mista Cookie Jar has shared the stage alongside acts such as Very Be Careful, the N.O.M.A.D.S, Head-Roc and the War Machine, Beau Sia, Busdriver, Matthue Roth, and Smokey Miles among countless others. His music was featured on Henry Rollins' radio show, Harmony in My Head. He has provided musical scores for recent films including Patrick Epino's "Mr. Sadman" (2008) and Nick J. Palmer's "Dockweiler" (2008). In the fall of 2009, Mista Cookie Jar composed a campaign song, "Soul Fly," for Rev. Jerry Grimes, a candidate for U.S. Congress for the 1st district of North Carolina. Currently Mista Cookie Jar associates with Mark Mothersbaugh's company, Mutato Muzika, providing TV ad compositions for companies such as Best Buy, Hefty, and Johnson and Johnson. He also performs full-time as a Strolling Minstrel/Activity Leader at Goldstar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Santa Monica, CA. While remaining active in the Los Angeles activist and indie music communities, he performs a more family oriented musical act regularly at LA schools, camps, and hospitals. Nick J. Palmer is currently filming a short documentary about Mista Cookie Jar's work as a strolling minstrel for the sick and the elderly. Mista Cookie Jar's current project is available for purchase-a collaborative children's album entitled, "Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble."

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