Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lyrics: the love bubble

the love bubble gonna protect us all
connecting each and everybod from the young and the old
on top the perm that's on ya noggin to ya bubblity toes
feel the love under the sun watch the love bubble grow
one love, the maximum so let ya lovelight show
one love, to elevate everybody
everybody now ya know!

da love bubble give u good vibration
it keep ya comfy comfy when da trouble raining
so looky look inside and find a deep elation
now move ya happiness across da entire nation
everybody in da bubble give love
cuz everybody in da bubble got love


u and i can't afford to be strangers
we got da light of good no matter what be the danger
angels, u know they follow me around
they makin it sure i'm keepin it pure
by keepin me safe and sound
i get on down to the music of life
a remedy melody tellin me how to be better than just on time
its the heat from the light
sunbeams in the sky
from trees to the signs on the street
theys a vibe in my feet
of course u know they be funky
me keepin the funk and punk alive
like i was a monkey
limb to limb swingin
limb by limb flinging
win to win grin by grin and they still singin


jah praise da little one
jah praise da big one
jah praise da skinny fat da healthy and da sick one
jah holla back no matter if ya dat o-if ya dis one
if ya rich or poor, black, white or indonesian
a bit o family love to send ya on ya way
a tickle hug and kiss in da jah jah way


everybody how ya doin yall?
my name is m-i-s-t-a
mista cookie jar
there's so much love in this place
time to huddle up
at this pace we bound to double up
u know surfin on the waves
of the love love bubble, so!
so just sit back enjoi the show
now here we go, ho!

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