Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lyrics: problemz

lyrics by mista cookie jar & joe tarowsky

(professor burt)
children of planet earth, this just in.
there is an outbreak of pandemic proportions
spreading into schools, playgrounds, and homes.
there is no cure but to run.
boys and girls, we have...PROBLEMZ!

(mista cookie jar and joe)

hubba hubba hubba

(professor burt)
and that's with a "z"

(mista cookie jar and joe)

if ya mad at ya mother
cuz she loves your baby brother
well don't ya run away from home.
you can walk, you can drive
you skate, you can fly
but you'll still gonna be alone.

if ya mad at ya father
cuz he thinks you're a bother,
he's gotta lotta work to do.
don't scream, don't shout.
you could even help him out
cuz even dear old daddy's got PROBLEMZ.

"my taxes are a problem!"

when ya dad asks for the remote control
don't tape it to the cat.
when your mom brings home a brand new lamp
don't hit it with a bat.

"don't do it..."

you can wear a sweater
if it makes you feel better
but don't ya throw the yarn at meey.
well your momma she had to knit it
cuz she thinks your cute in it
so don't may your own mom CRY....

"george, why do we got a PROBLEM child?!"

when yer in skool learning arts n crafts
don't eat up all the paste.
if ya friend's allergic to peanut butter
don't rub it in his face...
"johnny's eye's are swollen shut, george!"

well up on the trees is a nest full of bees
and you gotta handful of rocks.
if ya really wanna throw em
then ya better get goin
cuz the bees'll sting ya thru your socks.

when the bees are done stinging
well they won't be a-singing
cuz they gotta rebuild their house.
Its a lotta hard work
but ya had to be a jerk.
now the bees gotta life full of problemz

hubba bubba bubba

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