Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lyrics: magic world

(lyrics by Mista Cookie Jar & Peachy Keen)

everyday, when i wake
i get jazzed up,
its time to play.
open my eyes
n i see ur face.
aint no other better way
to start the day. hey!
wait one second fo we git get oughta bed
tell me bout tha little sugarplums
boucin bouncin ra ra round in yo head
now wus dat beeeeepin? oh sweet lord
nintendo ds in the mornin yall
lemme play that level...its eeasy
for my brotha and me luiiieeegi
no kid gone ever defeat me.
o man, no way. u just beat me.
hey!....big up to the kid
cuz everybody knows who tha real star is

straight from the bottom
bottum bottum of my heart,
i love you, love you, love you
more than words can say.
i wanna wanna wanna
give u all the stars
i wanna wanna
want the world for you to play
and when i see ya little little little smile
it fills my heart with sucha
sucha sucha feeling
enamored by the twinkle twinkle in ur eyes.
my spirit's lifted higher, high up to the ceiling.

what is this flowing thru the air?
i know its you who brings it near.
now listen closely you will hear.
some kinda magic's happenin here!

(Peachy Keen)

living in a magic world yall
never turning my imagination off
in my dreams i know u saw me
chillin in the coolest world of all (here we go)
sliding down that candy slide (mmmhmm)
going surfin on a chocolate tide
marshmellow bumber car for my ride
lollipop trees by my side (that's right)
take a ride on a faries wing (oh yeah)
listening to the witches sing (ugh huh)
checkin out all the leprechan bling
gonna turn that frog into a queen
gonna be his king when i wear his ring
doing that fairy tale thing (what!?)
so dreamy, completely
i'm just so princess peachy.

you kno i really wanna take u there
in a minute, we gotta billion days to spare
so let down ya hair
u don't gotta be a trillionaire
we got the whole wide world to share
now can i get "oh yeah"
we can run around and play all day
never gonna grow up no way
who got tha magic hocus pocus
so automatic? that's U!

its a magic world...!

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