Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Magic World and Circles Live - 8-18-09 Tuesday Night Cafe

Finally, here is some live footage from the show on 8-18-09 filmed by Nick J Palmer! Magic World and stuff! The kids were great and so energetic despite being up way past their bedtime. Workin on fixing the audio.... in the meantime, check it out and enjoi!

Charlie Wilmoth at Goldstar Hospital

Charlie Wilmoth, lead singer/songwriter of the incredible West Virginia band, Fox Japan, came to the hospital today to perform with me for the kind folks of Goldstar. It was quite a hootenanny! Charlie's a brilliant lyricist/songwriter as well as performer. If u haven't checked out his band, do so! We share a common bond having both grown up in the sheltered suburb life of the Ohio Valley. Valley boys thru and thru! I had my guitar and sax and he brought his guitar and viola. We sang originals and countless covers. As always, Betty Jo (pictured below) kept the beat going with her maraca. I'm really amazed by his song, '91 (which you can listen to and purchase on the Fox Japan myspace page here.) A sentimental song for me, having grown up that same year in the same city, Wheeling, WV in which the song makes reference to. With specific references to that particular time and place, the lyrics work like hip hop while remaining in the ballad form. The song brilliantly is poetic, serious, funny, and not overly sentimental. Charlie got to meet my 2 adopted mothers of the hospital, Victoria and Angel (pic of Angel below to the right). They both thought very highly of the man and his music. They also thought him quite an attractive young lad. Later that day, we went with my girlfriend Jenna to see Michael Moore's Capitalism: a Love Story. That movie ruled. Quite a thought provoking and musically rich day. Thank you, Charlie!