Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Gratitude" - New Thanksgiving Single Out Now!

Spread the love and count your blessings! It's time to usher in the Thanksgiving season with the new Chocolate Chip single, "Gratitude." Simply enough, it's a bright and sunny ode to thank-yous. The song features Mista Cookie Jar and his kid, Ava Flava, croonin' and rhymin' to a lively Motown rhythm tickled with soulful xylophone melodies and a bright tenor sax. All instruments are played by the in-house one man band, Mista Cookie Jar. Dare to NOT shake your booty with this one. Gratitude is contagious!


Also available on CD Baby and iTunes! Click HERE for Gratitude lyrics. 


Much gratitude to Zooglobble for premiering our latest single just in time for the turkiest of holidays. Also big thanks to Mr. Jeff 2000 and Kids Can Groove for Gratitude write ups and shout outs as well! On top of that, the song is on Sirius XM78 Kids Place Live! Feeling grateful!

"Love the bass line, love the saxophone, and of course a message of gratitude is always timely, regardless of season." -Zooglobble

"Who hasn't said "thank you" enough? The song makes sure you remember everyone in the queue..."
-Mr. Jeff 2000

"Naturally, Mista Cookie Jar, Miss Ava Flava and the rest of the Chocolate Chip crew bring heartfelt words with a big bang of soul. On the below track, MCJ gets brassy with the sax, adding some pizazz to the mix (this guy has endless talent!) while reminding us to “give thanks” by spreading our love everywhere because “Gratitude is contagious“! So true!"
-Kids Can Groove