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Bio: Mista Cookie Jar 

“Mista Cookie Jar provides enough solar power to power an entire dance floor.”
“Mista Cookie Jar…happy…Cali…auditory Prozac.”
-Mama 411
"He's from Los Angeles, kind of a hipster, dresses really well and he's clearly having fun with the music…how could you not love it?"
-Dan Zanes, USA Today
LA-based “kindie rocker” Mista Cookie Jar brings his urban-island-folky-rock-&-roll sounds to World Stage. Named by CBS as one of the best acts in Los Angeles, Mista Cookie Jar is a seasoned pro, touring venues such as the Kennedy Center, Lollapalooza, the Smithsonian, and the Getty to name a few. Blending a background in creative writing, poetry & hip-hop production, his music, regularly featured on Sirius XM 78’s Kids Place Live!, oozes positivity & love. Drawing on 3 albums of original material universally praised in the family music community, Cookie’s songs keep the party jumpin’ while easing the vibe on down to admire life’s beauty. Settle in as Mista Cookie Jar mixes a rock star excitement with the warmth of family music.

For video of Mista Cookie Jar performing live, check out his stories on his IG feed!