Praise for "Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution"

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"WOW! IN LOVE with the new disc from Mista Cookie Jar 'Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution'! AMAZINGLY FRESH! I listened to it twice, back-to-back ... it's THAT good!" 

--Robert Drake, WXPN Kids Corner of Philadelphia

"Happy Place" Music Video

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"Inner Child Rock" Music Video

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"Lucas!" Music Video 

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Mista Cookie Jar "Artist Spotlight"

Praise for Robot for Xmas

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Out With the Kids says, "There’s a lot of new kid’s holiday music to cover, and I will at some point soon, but nothing may be as A-M-A-Z-I-N-G as Mista Cookie Jar’s newly dropped “Robot for Xmas”.  Watch it, watch it again, and then maybe for a 3rd time, then download it for freeeeee.....!"

Zooglobbble says "Watch this video now, before it gets picked up by the geeky blogs and gets, like, 50,000 page views a day....I doubt you're gonna find another Christmas kids music video this year as hyper -- and, frankly, as awesome -- as this new video from Mista Cookie Jar."

Singing in the Bathtub says, "Little, clever touches make this one a soon-to-be-Christmas classic." says, "Certainly another great example of a family project for this end of year, which proves once more how awesome it is to have a geek dad!"

Praise for the song, "Love Bubble"

"Dude. That "Love Bubble" is one heckuva cool song. I love it. I love the bubble right out of that song!" - Billy Kelly

Praise for Room 28

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Praise for Aunt Carol: the Music Video
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-Penny Richards, Ph.D. Research Scholar, 
 UCLA Center for the Study of Women, Redondo Beach, CA
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-Angry Asian Man

Praise for Magic World: the Music Video
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-Angry Asian Man

Praise for Joey the Dogg
Mista Cookie Jar, also known as CJ Pizarro, is one of the most versatile musicians I have ever met. Traversing everything from hip-hop, to synth-pop, to bluegrass, his new album Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble captures everything a children’s music album should be: tuneful, musically diverse, imaginative, youthful and most importantly, lots and lots of fun. “Joey the Dogg” is my favorite track on this album. I dunno, maybe it’s because I, myself, have a dog at home. When I first heard CJ perform this song with guitars, djembe and children in tow, I couldn’t help but wish that I was a kid again. Regardless of whether you like kids or not, Mista Cookie Jar will bring out the kid in you.
-Dawen, Musician, "Dawen's Top 10 Asian American Tracks of 2009," Los Angeles, CA

Articles on the Joey the Dogg music video on Zooglobble, Kid Independent, and Channel APA.

Praise for the Love Bubble

"Today I have the pleasure of introducing the funkadelic folks from Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips. The first time I laid eyes on C J Pizarro {aka Mista Cookie Jar}, I had this immediate feeling of fondness. I think it’s partly due to his eccentric charm and partly because his psychedelic style reminds me of deee-lite’s album World Clique. Rad!"

             -An excerpt from Australia's the rest of the review for The Love Bubble here!)

I was first introduced to this awesome family cd when I met Gregory Brown (co-writer of some of the songs on the cd and also featured in several songs) at an art gallery performing children's songs. I immediately bought the cd after getting hooked on the words to Supertalents and The Love Bubble. (My son's favorite is Joey the Dogg.) The music is a cross between many genres and is catchy, engaging, and fun to listen and dance to. My children loved it and we have had it in the cd player for months on end! It is the kid of cd that even my husband asked for a copy of for his truck. I don't have that same feelings for some of my kids' cds as they can grow annoying pretty quickly. When I later was introduced to CJ Pizarro (a.k.a. Mista Cookie jar), I arranged for him to do a workshop with Greg and his Chocolate Chips. It was then that the whole amazing idea of how "The Love Bubble" was born was introduced to me. I cannot say enough about the music and these real, down-to-earth people who are clearly in the business out of their love for kids and their passion for music. Check out their website at and share the love!
-Destiny Love Lawyer, Teacher, Reading, VT

I have this CD playing all the time! It is full of positivity and love all around. The songs vary from hyped up "get down" type songs, so relaxing and soothing songs...a mix for everyone! Personally I am hooked on LOVE BUBBLE though. I would highly recommend this for anyone that loves to listen to music that has hard beats, positivity, love, harmony and quite a lot more! I have it MP3'd on my DROID as well and listen to it when not at home or in the car...or classroom ;0)
-Erick Valdez, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

We heard Mista Cookie Jar at an outdoor concert on Labor Day, and my 3-year-old was smitten. We've listened to this CD so constantly over the past months, my husband and I joke that we don't know where our thoughts end and Mista Cookie Jar begins. The crazy thing is, we still love the music! Our favorite songs are: Love Bubble, Magic World, Aunt Carol, Circle, and Joey the Dog. This is real music for the whole family to enjoy.
-Liz BK, Los Angeles, CA

We can't even be in the car without listening to "The Love Bubble." My son DEMANDS it. And he demands we start on track one. And when we exit the car, he's still singing it. You're a genius, Mista Cookie Jar. Can we be the president of your Austin fan club?
-Kymberlie Quong Charles, Mother, Austin, TX

Bubbly and very cool 
Mista Cookie Jar is fun for both kids and adults. Unlike most kids albums, which are saccharine, dumbed-down clamor, this album has SOUL-- and is extremely likable music to boot. My niece and nephew are ADDICTED to this music.
-Anna Pizarro, Aunt, New York City, NY

The Best Kids Hip Hop Album Ever! 
Hi there, if you haven't heard of the Love Bubble by now, it's about time you did. Do yourself and your kids or your friends who have kids kids a favor and get this album now. It's positive, uplifting, and downright eloquently effervescent, and will inspire everyone who hears it to grow and nourish life in the positive way. Tell your elementary schools, tell your daycare centers, tell your children's libraries and hospitals, that the Love Bubble needs help to grow... Be sure to catch the inaugural kick-off tour this summer 2010 all over the west coast.... Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips will rock your socks off!!!
-Gregory Brown, Musician, Thetford, VT
Mista Cookie Jar and Ava Flava's Green Expo Performance in LA's Daily News.