Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Room 28 Exclusive WORLD PREMIERE Red Carpet Event!!

Byron lookin fly on the red carpet!
This Friday, we premiered our music video, “Room 28 (That’s How We Roll),” to the friends and family of the students of Room 28. I have video of the event, it's being edited so stay tuned. So in the meantime, here's a recap. It was a festive gala held in the school auditorium, the Room 28 music video and its behind-the-scenes counterpart premiered on the school’s giant projection screen. One of the parents even contributed by letting us use their “red carpet” and “velvet ropes” for the event. The kids were dressed to impress, as if attending the Grammy’s. Mr. Valdez, the kids teacher and star of “Room 28,” was the host of the event. He called their names out one by one as they stepped out along the red carpet, the kids waving to the crowd, some throwing up a peace sign as parents and family were taking pictures like paparazzi.
Isabelle with speech in hand.
A handful of the children presented speeches about their experience making the video, which was quite touching to say the least. And when we presented the 2 videos to the classroom, man o man....2 of the proudest moments of my life, I must say! The kids hadn't seen the final version of the music video. Definitely a thrill to see their reaction at the new additions! With the exception of Ava Flava's mom, Jenna, NO ONE of the 150 plus attendees in the auditorium including Mr. Valdez had seen the 13 minute long Behind the Scenes video. This was the highlight of the night for me! It explains the meaning behind much of the wordplay of the song and the idiosyncrasies of Mr. Valdez's classroom. One of the best parts about it for me was some of the candid interviews I conducted with the kids, their interactions and their genuine love for their classroom and teacher, Mr. Valdez. Pretty awesome to show Mr. Valdez and the students that stuff, I tell ya. Bittersweet, tears and laughter. I love it. Prettyyyy aweeessooommmeee!!

Room 28, throwin their V's up for Mr. Valdez!
Stay tuned...midnight tonight we will release the official video and behind the scenes video online!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Room 28 (That's How We Roll)" Music Video Online Premiere

June 1st at Midnight is the WHEN. That's west coast time! But then it'll be up all day that Wednesday til, like forever homie. Here's the flyer, click on it to see it BIG. You can also listen to the song, download, and read the details on the event below. THROW YOUR V's UP!

Wednesday, June 1 at 12:00am - June 30 at 12:00am

Youtube, Facebook, MistaCookieJar.com, EVERYWHERE!!!

Introducing Mr. Valdez & the Kids of Room 28--Ava Flava's 4th grade class!!!

LA teacher, Mr. Valdez, & his 4th grade class, Room 28, present their year-long music video project, “Room 28 (That’s How We Roll).” With the assistance of musician and classroom parent, Mista Cookie Jar, Mr. Valdez & Room 28 have created themselves an anthem and a music video that will live on forever! Check out the video on Youtube, Facebook &http://MistaCookieJar.com/ all day, Wednesday June 1st! For lyrics and free song download go to http://mistacookiejar.bandcamp.com/