Saturday, November 17, 2012

Praise for "Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution"

Check out reviews for the album on Zooglobble, Out With The Kids, & Kid Independent.
Also tied in a 20 way tie for the Best family CD of 2012 in

"WOW! IN LOVE with the new disc from Mista Cookie Jar 'Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution'! AMAZINGLY FRESH! I listened to it twice, back-to-back ... it's THAT good!" 

--Robert Drake, WXPN Kids Corner of Philadelphia

"Happy Place" Music Video
Write ups for our first video single of the album on Zoolgobble, Dadnabbit, & Channel APA.

"Inner Child Rock" Music Video
Write ups for our 2nd video single on Zooglobble, Angry Asian Man, Kids Can Groove, Kid Independent, & Channel APA.

"Lucas!" Music Video 
Write ups for video single numero tres on The Rock Father, Out With The Kids, & Channel APA.