Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn 2015 Mista Cookie Jar Shows!

Here's the Autumn schedule for Mista Cookie Jar shows in the LA area. Click on each show below to find out location and pricing details. Check back for updates on flyer and new shows added -- I get a lot of last minute stuff! [UPDATE: New Cow's End Show Nov 5th and Books & Cookie show originally in Dec has been moved to Jan 23.]

For show requests, b-day parties & all other inquiries:

Click hyperlinks for details:

Sept 10 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Sept 14 - Mon - Cow’s End  - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Sept 26 - Sat - Marzo’s Variety Show - Zephyr Theatre - 11am - Hollywood, CA
Oct 8 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Oct 22 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Nov 5 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
***Nov 8 - Sun - Zimmer Children’s Museum - 3pm - LA, CA (Mid-Whilshire)
Nov 19 - Thurs - Cow’s End - 10:30am - Venice, CA (Near Venice Pier)
Jan 23 - Sat - Books and Cookies - 10:00am - Santa Monica, CA (Main St.)

***Show features Ava Flava

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"It's Only In Your Head" World Premiere on Kids Can Groove

Here it is folks, the 13th and final single-a-month drop, "It's Only In Your Head," as premiered this morning on Kids Can Groove. Today, October 13, is the anniversary of the whole single-a-month shebang! This single is a special one. Not only is it the finale of a whole year of dropping singles (13 in a row!), it's also a song 4 years in the making. Check out the Kids Can Groove write up for the story behind creating the song and the blogger's personal look at the tune in relation with dealing with her kid's nightmares.


In the realm of dreams, nightmares, and flights of the imagination, love (particularly, the non-mushy kind) can turn fear into wonder, confusion into whimsy, and terror into glee. 4 years in the making, the 13th and final Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips single-a-month release, "It's Only in Your Head," is a heart-on-sleeve opus for fearful and doubting young minds. With lyrical vignettes, clever wordplay, and a mirage of classic storybook and fable references, Mista Cookie Jar spins that common phrase of condescension, "it's only in your head," into a freewill affirming, "mad-hatter mantra" in that warm, whimsical way only Mista Cookie Jar can do. 

"Sprinkled with echoing soundbites and twinkling glockenspiel, 'It's Only in Your Head' reminds kids that no matter how real things seem when they close their eyes, they are safe and surrounded by the love that awaits them when they wake up. "

“It’s Only in Your Head”
Written and Performed by
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips
Kids Can Groove Online Premiere: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Instruments:  Strings, harp, glockenspiel, bass, guitar, drums, sampler
Instrumentation: Mista Cookie Jar
Vocals: Mista Cookie Jar, Missis Cookie Jar
Written and Performed by: Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips
Producer: Mista Cookie Jar


Did you wake up 
and everything was still dark? 
Oh no!
It's just a silly nightmare. 
There’s a pounding pounding 
inside your heart. 
Oh no!
It's just a silly nightmare. 
Nightmare. What a nightmare!
I know you're feeling 
so scared here. 
But believe me
Nothing to fear here. 
You're a smashing 
brilliant sensation. 
Fill ya heart up. 
That is your floatation. 
Row row your boat
up to the starlight. 
Let the love you found
shine a far light. 
Dream a tightrope. 
Look straight ahead. 
You’re not falling down. 
It's just in your head!

It's only in your head.

She wakes up screaming
in the middle of a dream, 
crying no no no! 
(Mr. Sandman, bring me a treat.)
Somehow she lost the magic.
Off to tragic.
Down the rabbit hole she goes.

But, its only in her head.

They drop him gently
in the middle of a cloud.
He cries, ‘Don't don't don’t!’
(If you believe it you can fly!)
He's got the wings to fly.
He thinks he's too high,
Says he can't go on.
He's so wrong.'s only his head.

Life is but a dream. 
So full of darkness 
and brilliant beams. 
Some things may or may not 
be what they seem. 
Gotta let it all go 
when you float upstream. 
Turn a new leaf. 
Fresh new looseleaf. 
Stay true. Keep it way loose. 
One thing to save you… 
A superhero in tights?
it's the love all around you. 
Lucky we found you!
It's only in your head.