Monday, December 14, 2009

Aunt Carol MUSIC VIDEO!!

Aunt Carol the music video was filmed in August of 2009 at Goldstar Nursing & Rehabilitation Center of Santa Monica. I'm an activity leader/strolling minstrel at the hospital and Aunt Carol is a resident whom I have become good friends with over the past few years. She has met the kids many times during our visits to the hospital and has become a real "aunt" figure to us. "Aunt Carol" is a track dedicated to her on our album, Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble. You can download the track for $1 here or purchase the entire album!

Musical Artist: Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips
Album: Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble
Director: Thad Reid
Animator: MC Griffin

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Love Bubble officially on CD BABY!

You can officially purchase the Love Bubble on CD BABY right now by clickin here!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You can purchase the Love Bubble online NOW!

Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble is on sale for $12.95 at For a direct link to purchase the Love Bubble click here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Magic World and Circles Live - 8-18-09 Tuesday Night Cafe

Finally, here is some live footage from the show on 8-18-09 filmed by Nick J Palmer! Magic World and stuff! The kids were great and so energetic despite being up way past their bedtime. Workin on fixing the audio.... in the meantime, check it out and enjoi!

Charlie Wilmoth at Goldstar Hospital

Charlie Wilmoth, lead singer/songwriter of the incredible West Virginia band, Fox Japan, came to the hospital today to perform with me for the kind folks of Goldstar. It was quite a hootenanny! Charlie's a brilliant lyricist/songwriter as well as performer. If u haven't checked out his band, do so! We share a common bond having both grown up in the sheltered suburb life of the Ohio Valley. Valley boys thru and thru! I had my guitar and sax and he brought his guitar and viola. We sang originals and countless covers. As always, Betty Jo (pictured below) kept the beat going with her maraca. I'm really amazed by his song, '91 (which you can listen to and purchase on the Fox Japan myspace page here.) A sentimental song for me, having grown up that same year in the same city, Wheeling, WV in which the song makes reference to. With specific references to that particular time and place, the lyrics work like hip hop while remaining in the ballad form. The song brilliantly is poetic, serious, funny, and not overly sentimental. Charlie got to meet my 2 adopted mothers of the hospital, Victoria and Angel (pic of Angel below to the right). They both thought very highly of the man and his music. They also thought him quite an attractive young lad. Later that day, we went with my girlfriend Jenna to see Michael Moore's Capitalism: a Love Story. That movie ruled. Quite a thought provoking and musically rich day. Thank you, Charlie!

Monday, September 28, 2009

3rd Street Promenade Show

It was a fun show! Sold some Love Bubble CD's to the good people walking by and got to get down with my friend, Nick, the Humble Bee on the drum. The kids were capitol FUN as to be expected. Ava's raps always draw the best attention! Here are a few memories....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Love Bubble at Goldstar!

Announcement: The Love Bubble will promoted and sold at Goldstar Rehab and Nursing in Santa Monica. 4 bucks of every CD will go to the Activities Department of Goldstar! Fundraiser event coming soon....I'll keep ya posted!

In the mean time check out this video of Bill Moyers interviewing CIGNA whistleblower, Wendell Potter.

A Mista Cookie Jar Documentary....?!

Nick J Palmer, my friend and fellow colleague, is making a doc about me and my work as a "Strolling Minstrel" at the convalescent hospital I work at in Santa Monica. We've been filming for the past few months and have much excitement and "ecstatic truths" on tape! Hooooty whooo! I'm fortunate someone is capturing some of the stories of my friends at this home away from home. Despite the dreary vibes inherent in hospital life, we have a lot of fun and make a lot of magic happen. There's LOOOVE among residents. And such characters! Aunt Carol being one of them! Also, my girlfriend's mother/my adopted mother, Victoria--she came up with the whole idea of the Love Bubble! I can't go on without mentioning my second adopted mother and Soul Coach, Miss Angel Crain (first pic above). She has kept me in check with life and quality of recordings/performances.

It's a true honor to be working with Nick and his cinematographer, the talented, Amanda Treyz (check out her work on the amazing film, Acholiland, a short film about refugees and U.N. workers in Northern Uganda). We've captured many concerts with the residents, interviews, karaoke fun, music video shoots, Mista Cookie Jar concerts, and much much more. Sometimes it feels like my own reality TV show, talk about awkward. ; ) Nick was aiming for a short documentary in the beginning, but it may be turning into something bigger perhaps....stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old School Recordings: Cyberstardom

Check out this 12 minute electro-rock opus composed about 10 years ago as part of my Electronic Computer Music class in GWU. My old band, Onrefni Atnas (the Mr. Hyde of Santa Inferno) released it on the album My Mistake in 2001. My sister commented, so EMO. I guess I went from EMO to ELMO! Big ups to Joe Tarowsky for reminding me about this little zinger! Parental Discretion is advised.

Cyberstardom - Onrefni Atnas

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gabby La La & the Ukulady @ Echo Curio

The show (9-19-09) was a lot of fun! I got to meet the one and only, Gabby La La (pic to prove it above)! I read about her online trying to find kickass kids acts. Found her in the Kidzone at Michael Franti's Power to the Peaceful Festival website. Her album, Be Careful What You Wish For... was produced and engineered by the one and only, Les Claypool (one of my childhood heros!) Les Claypool best describes her, "Besides being an accomplished Sitar player, Gabby La La utilizes Toy Piano, Ukulele, Theremin, Accordion and Butterfly-Guitar while tap dancing and singing like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of OZ. She is a wonderful inspiration and I whole heartedly support her nomination for Secretary of State." The album was released on Prawn Song Records--the label is associated with many of my old favorites in the 90's such as Sausage, M.I.R.V., and the Charlie Hunter Trio (not to mention the Primus records!). Check out her album, its brilliant! The Ukulady along with the Ukulad were super fun too. They wore cute matching outfits from Roswell and covered, "She'll Make Me Happy" from Muppets take Manhattan. Check out the Ukulady's album, Banned From Canters! (she apparently did get banned for real!) The album is badass and touching at once: Comedy & heart-on-a-sleeve songs! Below is the Ukulad, Ukulady, Carrottina, and Gabby La La.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Aunt Carol Video Shoot

On August 15th, 2009, at Aunt Carol's hospital, Goldstar (formerly known as Oceanview), we completed the music video shoot for the song Aunt Carol off the Love Bubble. Loads of fun! Aunt Carol had on a bright pretty dress and I painted her nails rainbow with glitter. We had a good handful of kids show up to dance, sing and be cute. Patients of the hospital showed up in wheelchairs and birthday party hats to party along with us. A fake band jammed along with the music. Edvardo, a young Mexican bass guitar prodigy who I met at a Church's Chicken drive thru a few months ago was on a pink kids sized electric guitar. Felipe, another prodigiously talented youngster who just graduated high school fake played his electric guitar and will be featured in the video doing a charming Elvis, "Thank you very much." Little Lucas rocked it on the toddler drums. Bubbles were everywhere thanks to my trusty bubble machines I bought at Big Lots. Angel, my adopted mother and president of the residents of the hospital, was shooting kids with her bubble gun. We got glitter all over the cake which made for a great video shot but an unedible dessert. Thad Reid, the director of the video, captured it all while Nick J Palmer, captured Thad capturing it. (Nick is making a documentary about my work as an strolling minstrel/activity leader at the hospital which is a whole other blog entry all together!) Robin came with Little Miss Mikyla while Jessica brought hula hoops and made Carol an amazing pirate patch with flowers and designs painted and glittered all over. Jenna was rockin it in a wrestler's mask while Avaroni led the kids around dancing in beautiful figure 8's around the residents. Big up to our friend Marisol and her friends for coming through with some beautifully delightful children! The spirit of the song was in the air and I've got a good feeling Thad got it all on his camera! The only thing missing was Jose Gonzales whose Richie Valens/Johnny Cash-esque prescense is featured on the song. Shucks, wish he could've made it. Here's a little behind the scenes slideshow to get a glimpse of what we were up to that day. Avid readers, stay tuned in the next few months for the full video!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mista Cookie Jar and Chocolate Chips in LA's Little Tokyo

August 18, 2009 Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips at Tuesday Night Cafe. Fun show! Everyone loved the kids. The gang was actually called Da Big Seeds that night but soon after we changed the name to the cuter and catchier Chocolate Chips. This gang includes Ava aka Ava Flava/Avaroni, Lucas aka Joey the Dogg, Miss Mikyla, and Venice Carly. They did a great job! The kind folks at TNC gave the kids each their own mic. Lucas was really cute with his arfs during Joey the Dogg. Ava nailed her raps and all her cues. Mikyla fashionably came in midset with a stunning entrance. They gave her a mic and she was good to go! Then the girls did some spontaneous synchronized dancing. All the while, Carly was doin her thang dancin lookin stylish and cool. We were all strangely amped and tired at once--the previous two nights we were making a video for Magic World at Carly's place til the wee hours of the morning. So we were exhausted but we had that Love Bubble synergy thang goin on. Farmer John aka Johneric gave us a warm and generous introduction. And the Tuesday Night folks always give out good vibes. ; ) We had my friend NIck J Palmer who is making a documentary about me came out to film it. Hopefully we'll get some of that footage for youtube soon. Big thanks to Alex (Nick's twin bro) for taking pictures! Here is a slide show of the night featuring the song, Circles, off the Love Bubble LP:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mista Cookie Jar Shows!

2011 Spring, continuing Star's W.I.M. program, Mista Cookie Jar will tour a different LA school weekly!


Fall Fest at Ava Flava's School!
Mista Cookie Jar will be MC'in!
Sun, October 17 (more info soon!)

Saturday, October 23 from 11am-3pm
Lincoln Halloween Carnival!
Lincoln Elementary School
Featuring puppetry and art of Alex and Amisa Chiu of Eyeball Burp!

Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips (yes the kids too!) will be touring the northeast region of the US late May through early June to promote their album, the LOVE BUBBLE. We will meet up with our homie Gregory Brown* from May 29 to June 5. Matthue Roth will join us in NYC June 8. And we're working on getting a gig on the 10 in DC with the mayor of DC hiphop, Head-Roc. Stay Tuned!

5-21 Morgantown, WV: Healthsouth Mountainview Hospital - 5:30pm (Fri)
5-22 Pittsburgh, PA: 35th Anniversary Carriage House Children's Center** - 10 am (Sat)
Pittsburgh PA: Joe's Bachelor Party (21+) - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern - 7pm
5-24 Wheeling, WV: Wheeling Country Day School - 2:30 pm (Mon)
5-29 Topsfield, MA: Greater Boston Charity Horseshow - (Sat...details TBA)
5-31 White River Jct., VT: Gypsy Twins @ The Main Street Museum - 7pm (Mon)
6-01 Windsor, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Windsor Station Pub (Tues)
6-02 Perkinsville, VT: Weathersfield Elementary School - 9am (Wed)
Windsor, VT: Mount Ascutney Rehab Hospital - Noon (Wed)
Hartland Four Corners, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Skunk Hollow Tavern 8:30pm (Wed)
6-03 Woodstock, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Bentley's 9pm (Thurs)
6-04 Windsor, VT: State Street School - All Day Workshop/Performance (Fri)
Hanover, NH: Gypsy Twins @ Jesse's Tavern - 7pm (Fri)
6-05 Windsor, VT: Madison's 4th Birthday Party (Sat...Private Show)
6-08 Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY: feat. Matthue Roth @ Perch Cafe - 10 am (Tues)
6-10 Washington, DC (Thurs...TBA)

* Shows indicated as "Gypsy Twins" include Gregory Brown and Mista Cookie Jar playing acoustic versions of Love Bubble songs and Gregory Brown originals for an adult crowd.
**Purchase tickets in advanced here.

Stay tuned for more coast to coast LOVE BUBBLE summer tour dates!


Wanna volunteer or play a free show with me at the hospital?

Email me or call me!

Any day except Friday and Saturday usually works.

Here's the address of the hospital:

Goldstar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Santa Monica
1340 15th Street
Santa Monica, CA

5-16-10 Clementine's Birthday Bash!


May 2, 2010 - We Love Cahuenga Library BIG SUNDAY Beautification Day

Celebration goes on from 12- 5 p.m. The Chocolate Chips will go on at 1!

4591 Santa Monica Blvd (at Madison)

For more info click HERE.

Sunday, April 25th 2010 - The Green Expo: Earth Day Celebration in Orange County!

Mista Cookie Jar & Ava Flav hit the Main Stage at 2:30pm and will be performing in the children's area the rest of the afternoon!

Mile Square Park, April 24 - 25, 2010
16801 Euclid Fountain Valley, CA 92708

March 20-21 Green Expo - Woodley Park!

Click here to read about what happened!


March 18 - Cort Guitar Workers Solidarity Concert

Thursday, March 18, 2010
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Temple Gateway Youth & Community Center (SIPA)
3200 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA

On Thursday March 18th, at SIPA (3200 W. Temple St, downtown LA), we will be having the second Cort Worker solidarity concert at 7pm --

"No Workers No Music, No Music No Life!"

Help push the momentum!

Solidarity Concert
$3, All Ages

Featured Performers:
David Tran aka applesauce
Sue-Jin Kim
Shin Kawasaki
Andrew Figueroa Chiang
Mista Cookie Jar

See you all there!!!!

More Info click HERE


Jan 22 - Hella Hipster Hoedown #9

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips are FIRST on the bill!
There will be bubbles!!!

Location:pehrspace (in Los Angeles)
Time:8:30PM Friday, January 22nd

For face book info click here.

12-05-09 Saturday

Mista Cookie Jar feat. the Chocolate Chips
Merchants Mart
2411 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 452-0366

This is Grumpa's mart! (Grumpa is Ava and Lucas's granddad!)

12-12-09 Saturday

Ivon Allen's Xmas Party!
Details unavailable.

Film premiere of Mr. Sadman
Friday night- 9pm- Screening
11pm - Mista Cookie Jar performs with Gregory Brown
$5 presale/$10 at the door
Benefit Concert: Hope- For Survivors of the Natural Disasters in Philippines, Samoa, & Vietnam
Gypsy Twins (Gregory Brown and Mista Cookie Jar)
Friday Night at 8 pm
Feat Sue Jin
Pomona College
333 North College Way, Claremont, CA 91711

Sunday 11 am and 3 pm
Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips
Fall Fest! at Ava Flava's School

10-20-09 Tuesday, 7 pm
Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips with Sue Jin!
Tuesday Night Cafe @ Aratani Courtyard/Union Center for the Arts
120 Judge Aiso St., LA, CA 90012
Cost: 1 buck won't suck!
(watch it live here)

9-28-09 Monday, 2-4pm
Mista Cookie Jar feat. The Chocolate Chips
3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA
Cost: Free

lyrics: the love bubble

the love bubble gonna protect us all
connecting each and everybod from the young and the old
on top the perm that's on ya noggin to ya bubblity toes
feel the love under the sun watch the love bubble grow
one love, the maximum so let ya lovelight show
one love, to elevate everybody
everybody now ya know!

da love bubble give u good vibration
it keep ya comfy comfy when da trouble raining
so looky look inside and find a deep elation
now move ya happiness across da entire nation
everybody in da bubble give love
cuz everybody in da bubble got love


u and i can't afford to be strangers
we got da light of good no matter what be the danger
angels, u know they follow me around
they makin it sure i'm keepin it pure
by keepin me safe and sound
i get on down to the music of life
a remedy melody tellin me how to be better than just on time
its the heat from the light
sunbeams in the sky
from trees to the signs on the street
theys a vibe in my feet
of course u know they be funky
me keepin the funk and punk alive
like i was a monkey
limb to limb swingin
limb by limb flinging
win to win grin by grin and they still singin


jah praise da little one
jah praise da big one
jah praise da skinny fat da healthy and da sick one
jah holla back no matter if ya dat o-if ya dis one
if ya rich or poor, black, white or indonesian
a bit o family love to send ya on ya way
a tickle hug and kiss in da jah jah way


everybody how ya doin yall?
my name is m-i-s-t-a
mista cookie jar
there's so much love in this place
time to huddle up
at this pace we bound to double up
u know surfin on the waves
of the love love bubble, so!
so just sit back enjoi the show
now here we go, ho!

lyrics: joey the dogg

joey the dogg

joey is the name of my dog
a little puppy who can bark and talk
goes to my school
everyone thinks he's cool
cuz my puppy's got a really big heart

joey knows the answers in class
raises his paw cuz he got no hands
and u can bet he's the teachers pet
but its all good cuz he makes us laugh

his name is joey the dogg

and when i'm sad he lets me hold him tight
he's by my side when i sleep at night
when i get moody joey shakes his booty
just like that, he makes me feel alright
i feel alright

and if u ask him what his name is,
he'll say joey the dogg
my little puppy is the greatest
its joey....the most the beautiful dog
he's joey...a beautiful dog, a beautiful dog...

lemme tell ya bout j-j-joey
my dogs a baller not much taller than the ball
yall best listen, he's all about fetchin kisses
from shorties cuz that's my dogg

he crawls around this town
he gets down to that canine sound of:
"oooo oooo!!" his doggie style
j-j-joey that's my dogg

this playa play likes to play around
playa play all day he play me
playin like he play playstation, playa
that's my dogg

better than scoobie snoopy goofy pluto
any dog that u kno
little todo got nothin on j-joey jo joe
cuz that's my dogg

and if u ask him what his name is
he'll say joey the dogg
my little puppy is the greatest
he's joey, the most beautiful dog
he's joey! a beautiful dog

I'm in love with joey the dogg
i'm in love with joey the dogg
i'm in love with joey the dogg
his name is joey...joey the dogg

"joey, that's me...ruff ruff, arf!"

lyrics: circles


(lyrics by mista cookie jar & matthue roth)

i can't wait to go outside today
i think the grass might run away
i hope that its gonna wait

i can't wait to go outside today
i double check the borders so
i know exactly where i should play

for six months when i was young
i didn't talk to anyone
instead i wrote in fingerpaint
and sang along to oldies radio

and then i'd love to jump around in circles

i can't wait to cruise out to the mall
in our wooden panel station wagon
8 track systems go!

i can't wait to listen to those songs
the beatles and the everly brothers
a sunny family sing along

and then we'll go outside tonight
pajamas after pillowfight
the ground makes our feet wet
but they let
us do it anyway

and then we'd love to jump around in circles

round and round we go!

jumpin round in circles
like a ninja turtle
funny like iCarly
cuter than a barbie
mommy makes a hot meal
lucas plays hot wheels
he's my bro on my squad
aka joey the dogg
but to keep it real, yall
elvis is my real dog
i'm a stay at home girl
we got us our own world
after dinner we play
with my buddy ceejay
as long as we behave
party in our pj's

and then we'll go outside tonight
pajamas after pillowfight
the ground makes our feet wet
but they let us do it anyway

and then we'd love to jump around in circles

round and round we go!

lyrics: magic world

(lyrics by Mista Cookie Jar & Peachy Keen)

everyday, when i wake
i get jazzed up,
its time to play.
open my eyes
n i see ur face.
aint no other better way
to start the day. hey!
wait one second fo we git get oughta bed
tell me bout tha little sugarplums
boucin bouncin ra ra round in yo head
now wus dat beeeeepin? oh sweet lord
nintendo ds in the mornin yall
lemme play that level...its eeasy
for my brotha and me luiiieeegi
no kid gone ever defeat me.
o man, no way. u just beat me.
hey!....big up to the kid
cuz everybody knows who tha real star is

straight from the bottom
bottum bottum of my heart,
i love you, love you, love you
more than words can say.
i wanna wanna wanna
give u all the stars
i wanna wanna
want the world for you to play
and when i see ya little little little smile
it fills my heart with sucha
sucha sucha feeling
enamored by the twinkle twinkle in ur eyes.
my spirit's lifted higher, high up to the ceiling.

what is this flowing thru the air?
i know its you who brings it near.
now listen closely you will hear.
some kinda magic's happenin here!

(Peachy Keen)

living in a magic world yall
never turning my imagination off
in my dreams i know u saw me
chillin in the coolest world of all (here we go)
sliding down that candy slide (mmmhmm)
going surfin on a chocolate tide
marshmellow bumber car for my ride
lollipop trees by my side (that's right)
take a ride on a faries wing (oh yeah)
listening to the witches sing (ugh huh)
checkin out all the leprechan bling
gonna turn that frog into a queen
gonna be his king when i wear his ring
doing that fairy tale thing (what!?)
so dreamy, completely
i'm just so princess peachy.

you kno i really wanna take u there
in a minute, we gotta billion days to spare
so let down ya hair
u don't gotta be a trillionaire
we got the whole wide world to share
now can i get "oh yeah"
we can run around and play all day
never gonna grow up no way
who got tha magic hocus pocus
so automatic? that's U!

its a magic world...!

lyrics: supertalents

children! ever stop and think why ur put up on this planet?
each baby in the world born with a gift of God's good magic
each got a puzzle piece in they life, you just got to got to grab it
practice till that gift of goodness comin auto-automatic,
make it so they understand it's all part of the plan
you and I we so valiant
we keep the world in balance with our gift of supertalents
tell everybody don't panic combine our powers sit back
watch God handle it, tell your friends

if you can walk you can dance.
if you can talk you can sing.
everybody's born with a beautiful gift.
now that ya know ain't that a beautiful thing?

it doesn't matter what they think
doesn't matter what they say
what only matters is the time that ya give in everyday.
little by little baby steps getcha moving
day by day keep on improving
moving mountains in such da slightest way.
try to keep the possibilities open, always in motion,
always seekin love
cuz where there's love there is a pathway.
feel it with your heart let your mind and soul follow
seek tomorrow every day's a new day
so just try to stay in shape

cuz if ya walk you can dance.
if you can talk you can sing.
everybody's born with a beautiful gift
now that ya know ain't that a beautiful thing?
it's such a beautiful thing...

aren't ya gettin' tired of seeing wasted potential
buildin' up into nothing, diggin atcha to ya very know-how?
it'll amount to nothin' more than a can-o-beans in this world
if ya never finally follow your true passion held in store now.
so why'd ya get one for the gipper?
shouldn't you deliver something for the children
that are whisperin' into your ears?
you better notice that they standing in your shadow
but just would ya look at all this light
you're shinin' at em bright and clear.
it's only up to you cuz only you can fully truly
put your heart into if it is what you really wanna do,
whatcha gotta do instead of flyin' the coop,
legitimately get the scoop.
evaluate your passion so ya sew your seeds
then eat your fruits... of your labor.
go ahead and savor
you've resisted the law of resistance
now look at what's on the table.
it's your potential staring straight in your face.
quite amazingly I'm saying it's deliciously true

cuz if ya walk you can dance.
if you can talk you can sing.
everybody's born with a beautiful gift
now that ya know ain't that a beautiful thing?
it's such a beautiful thing...

lyrics: buddha child

lyrics by mista cookie jar & south pa

(south pa)
hello squids!
today i'd like to welcome to the classroom,
mista cookie jar!

(mista cookie jar)
hey there, little guy.
u could be yo mama's buddha child.
so why don'tcha?

i got a question for u kid:
do u see a path of dreamlight coming in?
do u see the dragonflies behind your sneakers?
its sweet hysteria
as we bounce along with the wind.

i got a question for u kid:
do u even know who doogie howser is?
and might I say that ur
that doogie howser kinda kid?
no doubt, an alpha child.
i'm developing sudden jealousy.

why do I feel
like a big heel
and rookie boy's
the buddah child, why?

(south pa)

when i was a kid
i had a big head
"so big! so big!" said the other squids
who looked like kids.
who is this hanna?
is she really from the state of montana?
never had a pinky that wasn't petite.
never met a buddha without funky feet.
the harriest potter is a daughter of patience
so zen up the art of ur tri-cycle matinence.

(mista cookie jar)

we got a lot to teach u kid.
but we don't need ur help
unless u wanna give.
we breathed in symphonies
like u, we're living in it.
so many melodies.
what's challenging is remembering.

i got an order for u, kid.
don't stumble on these words,
just be u every minute.
its safe to say that
everyday's a blessing, yes it is.
i'll do my best to give u
better days in everyway.

and so it goes
the message told
for generation indigo. whoa!

(south pa)
sweet niblets

(mista cookie jar)
hey there, little guy.
buddha child.

lyrics: problemz

lyrics by mista cookie jar & joe tarowsky

(professor burt)
children of planet earth, this just in.
there is an outbreak of pandemic proportions
spreading into schools, playgrounds, and homes.
there is no cure but to run.
boys and girls, we have...PROBLEMZ!

(mista cookie jar and joe)

hubba hubba hubba

(professor burt)
and that's with a "z"

(mista cookie jar and joe)

if ya mad at ya mother
cuz she loves your baby brother
well don't ya run away from home.
you can walk, you can drive
you skate, you can fly
but you'll still gonna be alone.

if ya mad at ya father
cuz he thinks you're a bother,
he's gotta lotta work to do.
don't scream, don't shout.
you could even help him out
cuz even dear old daddy's got PROBLEMZ.

"my taxes are a problem!"

when ya dad asks for the remote control
don't tape it to the cat.
when your mom brings home a brand new lamp
don't hit it with a bat.

"don't do it..."

you can wear a sweater
if it makes you feel better
but don't ya throw the yarn at meey.
well your momma she had to knit it
cuz she thinks your cute in it
so don't may your own mom CRY....

"george, why do we got a PROBLEM child?!"

when yer in skool learning arts n crafts
don't eat up all the paste.
if ya friend's allergic to peanut butter
don't rub it in his face...
"johnny's eye's are swollen shut, george!"

well up on the trees is a nest full of bees
and you gotta handful of rocks.
if ya really wanna throw em
then ya better get goin
cuz the bees'll sting ya thru your socks.

when the bees are done stinging
well they won't be a-singing
cuz they gotta rebuild their house.
Its a lotta hard work
but ya had to be a jerk.
now the bees gotta life full of problemz

hubba bubba bubba

lyrics: aunt carol

aunt carol
lyrics by mista cookie jar and jose gonzales

(mista cookie jar)

i dont mean to bug u but i rilly gotta hug u, aunt carol.
oh how i've missed u when i see u gotta kiss u, aunt carol.
she gotta lotta love and a lotta chutzpah, aunt carol.
to me she means a lot, i got to give her all i got, aunt carol.

aunt carol, we love you.

she rolls around town in her lectric wheel chair.
we call her aunt carol, u can call her ms ware.
aunt carol

she gotta patch on her eye.
her nails so surreal
a sophisticated mama
and a pirate on wheels.
aunt carol

now don't dare try to block her radio antenna!
better check her coffee mug, pack it full of yella splenda
that's right


she's our oceanview dandelion

(mista cookie jar)

on her arm,
aunt carol gotta hott tatoo
its a cute little sun and its smiling at u!
say hi.


shinin so bright like the love in her eye.

(mista cookie jar)

she roams around til its time for dinner.
puffin on smoke like the caterpillar.
with a mean witch cackle, she'll scare ya laughin.
but to make her go reeal crazy, ya better get to dancin!
now let's all get down!


hey hey hey hey!

(mista cookie jar)

sock it to me. sock it to me...

hey, she traveled all around the world searching for her soul
and one thing brought it back, that was ROCK N ROLL!
aunt carol.

now lemme tellya
she luuvs john lennnon, that's just one of many
but her all time favorite is ELVIS PRESLEY!
aunt carol.

now she's a real flower child and a rock n roll purist.
hey, i'm the one to kno cuz i'm her manicurist, sock it to me now!


she got the cookie Jar glow

(mista cookie jar)

her fingernails
got roygbiv all the colors of the rainbow
sparkle it up like a new van gogh, ho!


she's a masterpiece from head to toe

(mista cookie jar)

we talk for hours when i do her nails
bout heavy topics that could tip the scales
she's so full of wisdom, so i listen up
she's a beautiful ex-kindegarden teacher
with infinite infinite infinite infinite love!


now i dont mean to bug u but i rilly gotta hug u, aunt carol
oh how i've missed u when i see u gotta kiss u, aunt carol
I rilly gotta shout cuz ur so far out
to me she means a lot. i got to give her all i got, aunt carol

(mista cookie jar)
aunt carol, aunt carol, aunt carol we love u!

lyrics: a beautiful shoulder

a beautiful shoulder
lyrics by anna pizarro and mista cookie jar

i love it when the weather gets colder
cuz the sun has such a beautiful shoulder
you have a beautiful shoulder
you have a beautiful shoulder

(anna) and what a beautiful son

thank you!

my mother calls me everyday now
she wants to know if i'm ok now
am i still insane now?
she's asking me to pray now
so i'll be ok

and i love it when you call me big jesus
cuz he's everywhere to me and i mean it
you'll probably never believe this
i'm talking bout jesus
he's such a beautiful son ; )

and christmas is the time to be happy
check it out yall
its time to spend sometime with the family
you could be part of my family
i'm not asking you to marry me
but you open your heart?

cuz i love it when the weather gets colder
and the sun's got a beautiful shoulder
you gotta beautiful shoulder
and what a beautiful son!

its time to come outside
and run around the sun
don't hide inside your room
its dark and i've got love inside
my heart for you don't hide

don't hide your love away from me
there's so much in this world to see
for you my heart beats tenderly
don't hide your love away from me
don't hide your love away from me

lyrics: ballad of georgie

ballad of georgie
lyrics by vincent caruso & mista cookie jar

thru the kitchen door n out to the swings
flies the chid of inner light and dreams

mommy watches over him

by the lake
the goose gonna bite him
grandma and grandpa soothe him

mommy watches over him

see him do his abc's
count to 23
mommy watch mommy watch
see him read along
see him sing a song
mommy watch mommy watch

daddy gonna tickle georgies cheek
brotha and sista play hide and seek

mommy watches over him

little suit and matching tie
2 tender, learning eyes

mommy watches over him

see him do his abc's
count to 23
mommy watch mommy watch
see him read along
see him sing a song
mommy watch mommy watch

lyrics: world to explore

world to explore
lyrics by gregory brown & mista cookie jar

(mista cookie jar)

i was born in georgia, grew up in alabama.
now that’s way down south with that country grammar.
we play in the backyard, filipinos getting tanner
wit my 2 pretty sisters and they both named anna
on da ant hills, equipped wit my plastic cup
collecting crystals, rocks & bugs. worms & stuff.
so git git in tuned to mama nature’s creation
you just gotta turn on your imagination.

(greg & kids)

with a world to explore right out your own back door,
there’s no need for sitting on your butts no more,
so go ‘n take a look right out the window of your kitchen,
there’s no need for turning on your television…

(mista cookie jar)

boys and girls mista gregory brown


when I was just a boy the world around me was a joy,
cuz everywhere I took a look and wrote a story, see,
once I made a river raft and floated to the sea, all the
sawyers and the huckleberries followed me…

and then I made a pirate ship complete with sails,
took each and every last seven penny nail I
had to build it super strong so that we could sail on
scallywags ‘n all, land ho!

with a world to explore right out your own back door,
there’s no need for sitting on your butts no more,
so go ‘n take a look right out the window of your kitchen,
there’s no need for turning on your television…

with a world to explore right out your own back door,
there’s no need for sitting on your butts no more,
so go ‘n take a look right out the window of your kitchen,
there’s no need for turning on your television…

(greg & mista cookie jar)

so hop aboard the ship of lost and found
and follow these two gypsy twins around
we'll navigate the 7 seas of sound
the music of true friendship will never run aground

(mista cookie jar)
ya catch a creole cat fish with ya cat by the swimmin pool
find a fountain of youth in that old dog drool
discover a new way to dig to china
build bigger great wall to hide behind
(mista cookie jar) ya hop a green dragon fly to the amazon
(greg) climb kilimanjaro with ya slippers on
(mista cookie jar) find some old roman ruins in ya mama's garden
(greg) and some shrunken heads in ya dad's tool shed
(mista cookie jar) you'll be indiana jones
(greg) you can be my shortround
(mista cookie jar) we'll show the villians how the boys get down
(greg) you can be captain jack sparrow
(mista cookie jar) aaand your peter pan with the most
(greg) little lucas will be munchin on his pirate toast
(mista cookie jar) crunch crunch
(greg) aunt carol's in the back puffin parliaments
(mista cookie jar) now wontcha get ur feet wet while we rebel against parliament
(greg) its elementary, watson
(mista cookie jar) that's whuttup holmes
(greg) praytell, its dinner time
(mista cookie jar) so let's bring it on home

with a world to explore right out your own back door,
there’s no need for sitting on your butts no more,
so go ‘n take a look right out the window of your kitchen,
there’s no need for turning on your television…

with a world to explore right out your own back door,
there’s no need for sitting on your butts no more,
so go ‘n take a look right out the window of your kitchen,
there’s no need for turning on your television…

lyrics: by ur side

by ur side
lyrics by matthue roth & mista cookie jar

(mista cookie jar)

come see all the colors in the sky tonite
Its time to let the sunshine hide
the stars come out and swirl around so high
now close ur eyes its time to fly

can u see me? can u see me?
can u see me flying by ur side?

fly past the planets into the galaxy
straight to the center at full speed
the light will surround u
in a blink of an eye u will see
everything life is meant to be

now can u see me? can u see me?
can u see me flying by ur side?


i used to hide by your side
in the shadows, buried.
my arms wide. Now I can fly
and I'm not even worried.
there's no ground to be found.
i can stand on the stars.
they're real hot. like I'm not.
my flame burns are red as mars.
and our legs do blaze
as we race through the maze
in the center of the universe.
i dive. i duck. i drop verses.
i'm dancing without gravity.
where everyone's buckled in but me.
you'll laugh out loud. your in the front row.
you're the reason why I do this show.

(mista cookie jar)

a stranger can sometimes feel like family
sometimes u just know they're on ur side
if u ever feel lost just open ur heart wide
cuz love is the truest state of mind

can u see me? can u see me?
can u see me flying by ur side?

lyrics: down to sleep

down to sleep
lyrics by angela mcgary, omar chakaki, & mista cookie jar

(mista cookie jar)

sleep little child.
let ya worries dwindle away
focus on the memories
that made this special day

see them spinning,
spinning up a dream.
see them spinning,
spinning down to sleep.


sleep little child
let the angels take u away
but only for a little while
to ease u on ur way.

see them spinning,
spinning up a dream.
see them spinning,
spin u down to sleep.


relieve your eyelids
& open your mind
& leave the islands
afloatin behind
believe in findin
your hope & your shine
your dreams are diamonds
emotions - the mine
you'll notice that time
can break & can bind
the rope in your spine
& aches in your hind
a hopeless decline
but takin your time
to focus - refine
creates a divine
space to rejuvenate limbs
basic communications
'tween u & the angels
seen in the tangled
scenes of imagination
take in cosideration
this place to go ruminate in
chasin the light
replacing the night
embracing illumination

(angela & mista cookie jar)

sleep my darlin baby.
i'll be by ur side.
lay ur mind to rest, child.
dream and u shall find.

(mista cookie jar)

fall asleep sweet precious child
rest will come in the blink of an eye
curl up inside the smile of the moon.
close ur eyes for a mind's eye view
try to feel ur heartbeat n flow with the rhthym
seek the comfort that comes with wisdom
now take a deep breath, inhale the day.
count to 3 as u fade away into dream
off to sleep. off to sleep.
off to sleep. off to sleep.
1, 2, 3.....shhh

...what is the love bubble anyway?

"Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble" is a musical representation of the utopic concept, the Love Bubble. In late 2008, Mista Cookie Jar concieved the idea along with his girlfriend, Jenna, her children, and their grandmother. The Bubble itself is an imaginary forcefield that protects and guides the inner-child. It is strengthened by the collective love in a village. As a child gives back that love, the bubble grows. The variety of genres (from Hip Hop to Synth-Pop to Bluegrass) and musical guests (from Vermont to Louisiana to Syria, ages 5 to 65) reflect the bubble's inclusive spirit. Each song is a bubble full of heart--musically and lyrically rooted in wonder and wisdom so as to connect to all bubbles, respecting all cultures, past, present and future. Every song reflects a different aspect of the Bubble. While songs like World to Explore and Magic World explore the imagination and innocence of childhood, songs such as Aunt Carol and Joey the Dogg investigate the quirky characters that exist in the Love Bubble. In the spirit of Bob Marley and the Beatles, all songs of the Bubble are bound together by the perrenial concept of love.

Who is Mista Cookie Jar?

C.J. "Mista Cookie Jar" Pizarro (born July 22, 1980) is a Filipino-West Virginian music producer/poet/filmmaker/MC involved in such collaborations as Santa Inferno, Eagle Quest, Chibi Vision, the Philistines, and most recently, Soul Phuziomati and the Gypsy Twins. While earning his BA in English from George Washington University in 2002 and his MFA in Poetry/Creative Writing from Otis College in LA, he has produced and co-produced over 10 music albums since 1997, numerous films/short films and is the author of a book of poetry entitled, "Genesis of a Mongoloid Messiah." Mista Cookie Jar has shared the stage alongside acts such as Very Be Careful, the N.O.M.A.D.S, Head-Roc and the War Machine, Beau Sia, Busdriver, Matthue Roth, and Smokey Miles among countless others. His music was featured on Henry Rollins' radio show, Harmony in My Head. He has provided musical scores for recent films including Patrick Epino's "Mr. Sadman" (2008) and Nick J. Palmer's "Dockweiler" (2008). In the fall of 2009, Mista Cookie Jar composed a campaign song, "Soul Fly," for Rev. Jerry Grimes, a candidate for U.S. Congress for the 1st district of North Carolina. Currently Mista Cookie Jar associates with Mark Mothersbaugh's company, Mutato Muzika, providing TV ad compositions for companies such as Best Buy, Hefty, and Johnson and Johnson. He also performs full-time as a Strolling Minstrel/Activity Leader at Goldstar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Santa Monica, CA. While remaining active in the Los Angeles activist and indie music communities, he performs a more family oriented musical act regularly at LA schools, camps, and hospitals. Nick J. Palmer is currently filming a short documentary about Mista Cookie Jar's work as a strolling minstrel for the sick and the elderly. Mista Cookie Jar's current project is available for purchase-a collaborative children's album entitled, "Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble."

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Electronic Press Kit

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips 
"Best Show Ever EVER": Press Kit
LA-based "kindie rocker" Mista Cookie Jar brings his urban-island-folky-rock-&-roll sounds to the stage.  Blending a background in creative writing, poetry & hip-hop production, his music oozes positivity & love. Settle in for a performance that mixes rock star excitement with the warmth of family music. 
Show Descriptions
Mista Cookie jar serenades with his “Stars & Moon” guitar. Bubbles will end the show.*
A musical party enhanced by bangin’ beats, bass, and bubble guns. P.A. included. Dancing encouraged. And even more bubbles will end the show. 
Chocolate Chip Deluxe: 
Along with his family band, the Chocolate Chips, Mista Cookie Jar’s kids, Ava Flava & Lucas!, join the musical party for the ultimate Love Bubble experience.     
       *For extra love, add Chocolate Chips
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips have performed for schools, hospitals, expos, festivals & museums across the U.S. including the Smithsonian, Kindiefest, Symphony Space on Broadway, & Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live!.

For all booking inquiries, contact C.J. Pizarro: 

What They're Saying

“Mista Cookie Jar provides  enough solar power to power an entire dance floor.”

“Mista Cookie Jar's  ‘Love Bubble’ might be one of the best children's 
Albums that I have ever laid ears on. It's happy. It's Cali. It's auditory Prozac.”
-Mama 411

"Bouncy hip-hop whose Jackson 5 popishness & messages of inclusion 
& empowerment are woven into a seamless mix."
- Kathy O'Connell of WXPN "Kids Corner"

In praise of "Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution"'s "Best Family CD's of 2012" 
Red TriCycle’s “Top 10 Kids CD’s of 2012”

“Maybe you could already tell by its title,  but the SoCal hipcat known
as Mista Cookie Jar, along with his ultrarad step-kids,  Lucas & Ava Flava, 
made what might be the coolest album for families in 2012.”
-Jeff Bogle, “Out With The Kids”

"He's from Los Angeles, kind of a hipster, dresses really well 
and he's clearly having fun with the music. 
And with that title, how could you not love it?"
-Dan Zanes, USA Today

The Love Bubble: