Wednesday, July 22, 2009

...what is the love bubble anyway?

"Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble" is a musical representation of the utopic concept, the Love Bubble. In late 2008, Mista Cookie Jar concieved the idea along with his girlfriend, Jenna, her children, and their grandmother. The Bubble itself is an imaginary forcefield that protects and guides the inner-child. It is strengthened by the collective love in a village. As a child gives back that love, the bubble grows. The variety of genres (from Hip Hop to Synth-Pop to Bluegrass) and musical guests (from Vermont to Louisiana to Syria, ages 5 to 65) reflect the bubble's inclusive spirit. Each song is a bubble full of heart--musically and lyrically rooted in wonder and wisdom so as to connect to all bubbles, respecting all cultures, past, present and future. Every song reflects a different aspect of the Bubble. While songs like World to Explore and Magic World explore the imagination and innocence of childhood, songs such as Aunt Carol and Joey the Dogg investigate the quirky characters that exist in the Love Bubble. In the spirit of Bob Marley and the Beatles, all songs of the Bubble are bound together by the perrenial concept of love.

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