For your Grammy consideration in the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards Children’s Music category, the 4th Mista Cookie Jar album, “Don’t Gotta Be Cool.” 

L.A. based Filipino-American “kindie” rockstar, Mista Cookie Jar, is back with his 4th studio album, “Don’t Gotta Be Cool.” Infusing lyricism, warmth and themes of universal love into each of these 9 tracks, Mista Cookie Jar invites Chocolate Chips of all ages into his “One Love Bubble” family, where everyone has something unique to offer. The record features celebrated voices in the children’s music community — Filipino-American, Little Miss Ann of Chicago (Halo-Halo), Grammy winner, Father Goose by way of Jamaica and New York City (Free Bubbles), as well as fellow “kindie rappers” Uncle Dox of Minnesota (Chillin’) and Grammy winner, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo of California (Rock This World). Songs like “Serotonin” and “All I Need is You” show the inseparable link between happiness and family. And tracks like “Kindness is the Way” and “B.F.F. Goodbye” offer a softer side of funk in celebrating the complex and nuanced emotions of growing up. Continuing Cookie Jar’s trademark multi-cultural/multi-genre blends with each track, from electro to hip hop to pop to folk to reggae to jazz and on and on — often in the same song — the music inspires singing, dancing and above all, inclusivity. Though Mista Cookie Jar, as cool and stylish as he is — 13 years into creating rockstar family music albums for the masses — proves time and time again, that the REAL rockstar is the kid in all of us.

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Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips 
For Your Consideration
Best Children's Album in the 59th Annual Grammy Awards

Music is Everywhere. 11 anthems of old-soul wisdom reimagined for fresh 21st century ears.

Featuring 5 Sirius XM Kids Place Live chart topping hits: The Way We Gets Down, The Melody Of Misfit Souls & the Open-Hearted, Gratitude, My My My, and Hold On to Your Dreams!


Mista Cookie Jar and his family band, the Chocolate Chips, present their 3rd album, Music is Everywhere. 11 anthems of old-soul wisdom reimagined for fresh 21st century ears. Each song, an eclectic and wholly original blend of styles and genres set, in turn, to the soulful and spirited vocals of Mista Cookie Jar. Exploring themes of youth, coming of age, and family life, Cookie’s playful and poetic lyrics guide the listener through the joys and wonders of each musical world. Highlights include featured vocal performances by fam-bam Chocolate Chip regulars, Ava Flava, the rappin’ & croonin’ teen, & Tembra Campbell with her bluegrass stylings. As producer, Mista Cookie Jar brings his brand of "Urban Island Folky Rock 'n Roll for the Inner Child" to new levels -- it's the Way of the Cookie Jar. Motown, big band swing, honky tonk, surf rock, classical, rap, ska, reggae, bluegrass, and on and on. Favoring (at least for this album) an organic audio texture in a world of blips and beeps, Music is Everywhere is comprised mostly of real instruments played by fingers, hands and feet. Follow Mista Cookie Jar on a musical journey into unimagined realms, crossing cultures and traditions, revealing the song of life with each moment in a return to innocence.

Dedicating a full year to the craft of the song, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips have selected choice tracks from their “single-a-month” run from 2014 to 2015, their “3’s a Charm” EP as well as a couple exclusive unreleased tracks for this album. Many songs have already been featured on family music radio stations, blogs and podcasts, including WXPN’s Kids Corner, WFDU’s Kids Crossroads, KUTX’s Spare the Rock Spoil the Child, Out With The Kids, Kids Can Groove, Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl, Zooglobble, and Sirius XM’s 78’s Kids Place Live.


Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips Praise:

For a Mista Cookie Jar interview about "Music is Everywhere" go to Westside Mommy.

"...to kick off the season, I’m calling out the title track 'Music is Everywhere' as this year’s kindie song of summer." -Swing Whistle Zing

"[Mista Cookie Jar] never loses track of his primary audience – young kids who need a diverse range of musical influences to cultivate their own tastes....Mista Cookie Jar stretches the boundaries of children's music to make those genres acceptable, palatable, and contemporary." -Mr. Jeff 2000 

"There are few artists who bring a tap to our feet and smile to our heart more than Mista Cookie Jar. His music is filled with a joyous spirit that reflects itself in a musical kaleidoscope of genres beyond description, but not your soul." -Full Van Fun

“Mista Cookie Jar provides enough solar power to power an entire dance floor.”

“Mista Cookie Jar…happy…Cali…auditory Prozac.”
-Mama 411

"He's from Los Angeles, kind of a hipster, dresses really well and he's clearly having fun with the music…how could you not love it?"

-Dan Zanes, USA Today

"People with kids: can't recommend and his albums enough. Great music for kids that parents will enjoy too." -Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones producer/writer) via Twitter

creditsreleased March 11, 2016

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