Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips PROMO VIDEO

Check out the new PROMO VID!

Mista Cookie Jar Tshirts!

Blacklava & Tuesday Night Project present:

New MISTA COOKIE JAR sweatshop free Tshirts! A one day only deal. Includes a LOVE BUBBLE CD all for just $15 + free shipping. Peep the ONE HOT MINUTE ad/video we made at the Blacklava warehouse with the song, MAGIC WORLD.

Click here to purchase the shirt and watch the video...[ps. the deal is officially over! but you can still purchase the combo for 25 dollars! You can also purchase the shirt without the CD at a lesser price. I'll get back to you at a latter date when we find out the exact price.]

As written by Narinda @ Blacklava (2-23-10)...

Cookies. Love. Bubbles.

How can you resist today's Blacklava + Tuesday Night Project Daily Deal?

I love it when Mista Cookie Jar comes to Tuesday Night Cafe. He brings bubbles and loads of good vibes along with his "urban-island-folky-rock 'n' roll for the inner child" and gets everyone up and bouncing and dancing.

We had so much fun at the Blacklava warehouse shooting this video. See if you can watch it without smiling, I dare you!

Get this amazing T-shirt + CD deal and help keep those sweet sweet love bubbles blowing!