Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Education's W.I.M. (Wonder Imagination Magic) Program!

I scored a new gig this past week with Star Education as part of their WIM program...that's Wonder Imagination and Magic! Quite Love Bubblily, eh? Each week I will be performing at a different LA school. So far I've performed at Gardner Street Elementary (Michael Jackson's elementary school) and Westwood Charter. Excited to be on the Star team and have the opportunity to spread the Love Bubble in schools in the LA area!

"Supertalents" Video Shoot

This past weekend Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips team began production of the music video for our song Supertalents off the our album, the Love bubble. The song features my homie, Gregory Brown of our acoustic duo, the Gypsy Twins. Our friends, Chris and Stacy of Market Street Productions are directing and producing the video--and an impressive job they are doing! Having worked with them for our video, Magic World, we just know Supertalents will be just as magical. Chris is using a 3d video camera that came out last week and from what I've heard, this will be the very first 3d music video with this camera! The setting of the video will be in a galactic arcade game come to life. The Chocolate Chips (Ava and Lucas) will be sucked into the video game where they meet Greg and I, their astro tour guides so to speak. Many green screen shots, including some of Greg and I flying on harnesses. We also filmed some shots at Vasquez Rocks, where many sci-fi Hollywood flicks (like Star Trek) were filmed. Our friend Javarnanda is down to rock some 8 bit animation for this one!

Also featured are some young dancers from Michael Jackson's Elementary School (!), Gardner Street Elementary, Shania, Ashanti, & Jaylan. Many thanks to these supertalented kids and their mom's for coming through. Shania & Ashanti's mother, V, is actually a DOPE Puerto Rican rapper...hip hop and reggeaton! Keep your eyes out for this rising star.

Stay tuned for the release date...we're shooting for around this Christmas season!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips @ FPAC, Sat, Sept. 11!!

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips to be performing Sept 11 (Sat) at 2:30pm for the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) 2010, in San Pedro!

Click here for the festival's lineup and click here for details on how much & how to get there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ukulady and the Chocolate Chips @ The Natural Stage Project

Sunday, 9-05-10, was a fun magical afternoon = )

Featured was the ultra-amazing Ukulady and the Ukulad (here's to many more shows with these meeptastic creative forces!) and of course the wonderful Chocolate Chips....Ava Flava, Miss Mikyla, and the adorably cute Lyrin! Rock N Roll fever!

The show was part of The Natural Stage Project:

We performed at LA's Old Zoo at a cave where I imagine they housed lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Also, we found it fitting since we were at a cave that we debut our new song, Crystal Cave!