Thursday, January 15, 2015

HBD, Dude!

Yesterday was, January 14, 2015, Lucas's 11th BD! In honor of such a special kid  and our dog Memphis (who has the same birthday!), below is our 14th music video and 4th-in-a-row "single-a-month" drop, courtesy of Zooglobble. "HBD, Dude!" Enjoy some beeday Cali beach sun on this wintery winter day! 


Cookie & fam

“…a very 21st century celebration…Mista Cookie Jar can't be contained to a single POV…He takes Beach Blanket Bingo-era footage, hand-animates it a bit, and throws in a nice Facebook/Instagram reference or three. Throw in some kids eating cake and surf-dancing, and you've got yourself a party.“ 


Surfaliscious-birthday-rock-’n’-rap for the inner child! Mista Cookie Jar & his bodacious LA family, the Chocolate Chips, return with HBD, Dude!, their 4th-in-a-row, “single-a-month” release and first of the new year.  Everyday this 2015, celebrate like it’s your birthday as they did in the olden-golden days, doin’ the twist in the sun, hitting the sweet waves, and — OMG! — taggin’ your friends on social media selfies. Thanks to the latest interweb technology, even in the dead of winter or in the most remote, sun-less regions of the planet, Cookie’s janglin’-one-man-band-surf tones and the Chips fun ’n’ breezy Cali vibes can warm up your BD with a touch of a screen. Also, make sure to further entertain your inner-hipster-kid visually with a matching vid on a website called the You-Tube! So put on your party hats and never take ‘em off. Make your BD an eternally H one!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter Shows!

If you are in the Los Angeles or Phoenix area, we have a string of winter shows coming up. LA westsiders, we will be at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica and Cow's End near the Venice Beach Pier. Also, proud to announce, we will be rocking 2 shows at the Children's Museum of Phoenix as part of the Zooglobble Concert Series, Martin Luther King Day!

January 10: Books and Cookies - Saturday 10am - 10:40am
January 19: Children's Museum of Phoenix - Zooglobble Concert Series
                    Monday (MLK Day) 10am to 10:30 & 11am to 11:30
January 22: Cow's End - Thursday, 10:30am to 11am
February 23: Cow's End - Monday, 10:30am to 11am