Thursday, January 15, 2015

HBD, Dude!

Yesterday was, January 14, 2015, Lucas's 11th BD! In honor of such a special kid  and our dog Memphis (who has the same birthday!), below is our 14th music video and 4th-in-a-row "single-a-month" drop, courtesy of Zooglobble. "HBD, Dude!" Enjoy some beeday Cali beach sun on this wintery winter day! 


Cookie & fam

“…a very 21st century celebration…Mista Cookie Jar can't be contained to a single POV…He takes Beach Blanket Bingo-era footage, hand-animates it a bit, and throws in a nice Facebook/Instagram reference or three. Throw in some kids eating cake and surf-dancing, and you've got yourself a party.“ 


Surfaliscious-birthday-rock-’n’-rap for the inner child! Mista Cookie Jar & his bodacious LA family, the Chocolate Chips, return with HBD, Dude!, their 4th-in-a-row, “single-a-month” release and first of the new year.  Everyday this 2015, celebrate like it’s your birthday as they did in the olden-golden days, doin’ the twist in the sun, hitting the sweet waves, and — OMG! — taggin’ your friends on social media selfies. Thanks to the latest interweb technology, even in the dead of winter or in the most remote, sun-less regions of the planet, Cookie’s janglin’-one-man-band-surf tones and the Chips fun ’n’ breezy Cali vibes can warm up your BD with a touch of a screen. Also, make sure to further entertain your inner-hipster-kid visually with a matching vid on a website called the You-Tube! So put on your party hats and never take ‘em off. Make your BD an eternally H one!


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