Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Spirit Animal" World Premiere on Eat the Marshmallow

Ladies and gents, presented by Eat the Marshmallow, the world premiere of the new Mista Cookie Jar song, "Spirit Animal."

"Spirit Animal is an anthem to the awesome! The single celebrates kids who know who they are and remind us to stay true to who we are. So go ahead, add the song to that playlist, connect with your special peeps, and groove to the house beat that reminds you to listen to your heart and honor your true self."-- Eat the Marshmallow

Click here to check it out!

Click below to listen and click here for lyrics.

When is it ever OK to compare a child to an animal? How about when the child is...AWESOME?? In his latest house-groove-rasta-rap smash single, Mista Cookie Jar is speaking on not just any animal, but one’s very own spirit animal as epitomized by a really cool kid. Children inspire humanity in so many ways. Often they so naturally encapsulate a once-forgotten, beautiful, wild, and untainted essence, both contagious and undeniably transcendent. Perhaps you know a special young someone who is YOUR very own spirit animal?