Monday, August 29, 2016

♫ Super Deluxe Action Figures ♫ - New Todd and Cookie!

My friend, Todd McHatton and I, make some far out, kooky kids music on occasion. We call ourselves, Todd and Cookie. Today, we're premiering a new 3 song EP called, "Super Deluxe Action Figures," on one of the top-notch blogs in family music, Zooglobble. Click the link below to check it out! 
And stay tuned, happy Chocolate Chip campers...cartoons to come!
Kindie rock's favorite postmodernist-pop bromance, Todd and Cookie, are back at it again with their sophomore EP, "Super Deluxe Action Figures." Meet their newest sidekick, "eMutt," the junkyard robot-dog made of junk. Travel the cosmos throughout history on a sweet ride, the "Ice Cream Time Machine." Delve into your own imagination as you kickback "In the Backseat"...with these boys, even the backseat has a name. It's Alouiscious. And he talks! Come one, come all. Witness the Todd and Cookie cosmos expand. It's melodic. It's funkified. It's a concoction only Todd and Cooke could create. 3 new tunes! 
"This is psychedelic goodness like those whacked-out cartoons we parents in our mid-to-late 30’s might remember from our own childhood. With a sober dash of Cheech & Chong thrown into this vegan musical stew for very good measure." 
"The new music is every bit the blend of psychedelia and multicultural hip-hop you'd expect from the duo, both sonically and lyrically (those titles! "eMutt," "In the Backyard," and my favorite "Ice Cream Time Machine.") Like ice cream swirls? You'll love this."
Purchase here:

♫ ♫ Super Deluxe Action Figures - Todd and Cookie♫ ♫