Wednesday, November 13, 2013

They're young, they're Canadian, and they're ÜBERtalented. No, they're not Justin Bieber circa 2007...they're The Zing Zangs!! Seriously, the hardest working 13 year olds in the game. They've just released an album called, Blast Off!, featuring Todd McHattonSecret Agent 23 SkidooGroovy DavidSugar Free Allstars and a handful of other Kindie superstars. Here's their debut music video, Super Speed. This week, it premiered on TV'sCool Rockin' Daddy Video Show and, wouldn't ya know, it features some kooky Pilipino-American hippie hipster named,Mista Cookie Jar. Share with your youngins and enjoy 

Update: I interview here with the Zing Zangs on Kids Can Groove!

"My first spot as a guest blogger on Kids Can Groove and who better to interview than the 13-year old kindie entrepreneur, GooberKids Trevor of the Zing Zangs!" 

-MCJ on Facebook