Thursday, November 10, 2011

Request "Love Bubble" On Sirius Radio's Kids Place Live!

Hey fans, friends, and fam!

Good news, "the Love Bubble" made it to # 2 a couple weeks ago on Sirius radio!
There's still a good chance to get LOVE BUBBLE up to number 1 !

Hollar at Sirius Radio's Kids Place Live and request "Mista Cookie Jar's "Love Bubble"! You can also request "Love Bubble Unplugged" if you wanna hear something new ; )

If you want to see the Top 13 list:

If you haven't heard "Love Bubble" here it is:

And to hear the new UNPLUGGED version, click here:

Thanks to all of you guys who requested! The Chocolate Chips and I truly appreciate it!!

Mista Cookie Jar