Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crystal Cave--Free Download!

Free download or donate $ here for the new Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips song!

Crystal Cave" is a sneak peak at the second installation off our never-never-ending musical collection, the Love Bubble (working title: Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution, to be released spring 2011!!). Drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell, Hayao Miyazaki, Bjork, and Dr. Suess, we set out to explore where innocence & song meet the big bang. The song features a rap duet with Ava Flava about a candy-land-fever-dream we shared independent of each other.

- Mista Cookie Jar

Lyrics: Crystal Cave

inside your heart there is a crystal cave
where the witches and the wizards invent their games
they sew a string of singalongs
and tie them to the wings of swans
connecting hearts to stars to cookie jars
in daisy chain trains
daisy chain trains
daisy train chains

life is like a box of constellations
astrologies arrive from outerspacin
mythologies arise in every nation
firecrackers in the mind explode

a single hero with a thousand faces.
one story interspersing to a million places
interlocking in a billion ba ba billion ways.
everything comes from the great unknown.
and all is known in the great unknown!

light travels (all day) so slowly (night too)
on this train bound for glory (play around all day)
sweet child, you've got time to play

(da da da da (hey)
da da da da (hey)
da da da da (hey)
da da da da!)

inside your heart there is a crystal cave
where the witches and the wizards invent their games
they sew a string of singalongs
and tie them to the wings of swans
they fly by night in time to save the day
from ancient crazies
ancient crazies
ancient crazies


Once upon a time a steamboat chased me ava:PLAY AROUND ALL DAY
to a cotton candy cloud above the sea.
Jumped on a dragon. Killer whales paraded
holding back that crazy steamboats steam.
The dragon tossed me with its tail
to blast me with dragonfire smelling like jellybeans.
I safely landed on the cloud that transformed to a swan
while the steamboat just drowned in silly misery.

Ava & CJ: "Woe woe woe woe woe woe woe is me...toot toot!"

And so i'm drowning in my steamboat tryin to stay afloat cj: PLAY AROUND ALL DAY
while Mista Cookie Jar's flying on a swan.
A blue whale batted away the killer whales,
swallowed me and spit me out towards the sun.
And then he sees me in the sky like a comet
in my steamboat, so I flash a little twinkle in my eye.
To his surprise, at the wheels Ava Flava, now he feels like a hater.
I was flying by his side the whole time...!


Lo Siento Ain't a thang
mad respect Ain't it strange?
Round & round That's how we play the crystal cave game, holla

Love Bubble! on the double
Rainbows out the puddles
pot - gold u hold the missing piece of the whole puzzle!

Old egos (like mom) need grounding. (dad too)
And I thank the gods you found me
(Takings turns who's sage)
Our lifetimes rhyming game by game.

(deedle eedle dee (Hey)
deedle eedle dee (hey)
deedle eedle dee (All day!)
deedle eedle dee woo!)

(da da da da (hey)
da da da da (hey)
da da da da (hey)
da da da da!)

inside your heart there is a crystal cave
where the witches and the wizards invent their games
they sew a string of singalongs
and tie them to the wings of swans
they fly by night in time to save the day
from ancient crazies

inside your heart there is a crystal cave
where the witches and the wizards invent their games
they sew a string of singalongs
and tie them to the wings of swans
connecting hearts to stars to cookie jars
in daisy chain trains
daisy chain trains
daisy train chains
released 23 December 2010
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synthesizer, Vocals - Mista Cookie Jar
Vocals - Ava Flava
Album Art - Alex Chiu/ Mista Cookie Jar

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips' NEW SONG***TEMPORARY LEAK!!***Listen now while you can! "Room 28 (That's How We Roll)" featuring Ava Flava and her SUPERTALENTED 4th grade class! And introducing, Mr. Valdez, the young, tech savy, 4th grade master teacher himself!


More info and pictures soon to come.....


Lyrics:This Is How We Roll

"This is for all the kids in Mr. Valdez's class, and Mr. watch me now..HEY!"

Room 28 room 28 room 28

here's the facts, youngin don't be late

we rock n rollin at a quarter past 8

with my teacher, mr valdez

steady with dat motivatin

he's the king of the castle,

castle heights. The fastest

mathlete with glasses,

technological master. hey!

head honcho cuz he's hot at hackin,

he runnin the whole school with a mobi tablet

ho! PRO-fessa not no basic laymen

Ho! SHO- stoppa, brain illuminat-in

son there's no mistak-in

mr v's soul shaking

prophetic sage would be an understatement

Undisputed, undeniably king, he got the plan

aint a bigger laker fan, mr V is the man, holla back!

this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll

classroom party with a disco ball

lights out, homer simpson on the wall in motion (Doh!)

tick tockin to the clock, cuz our time is GOLDEN

g-o-l-d-e-n, ace the spellin'

your turn as kobe bryant in the final seconds

drop the ball in the net, valdez bux to bet

buuko! we big ballin, pizza party for ALL SON!

in this room no child's left behind

from the clown to the kid's who shy

that's how we roll...hands up if you likin'

how we roll...hands up if you ridin!

hop along the train, time to coast on this rolla coasta

28, yeah we love it the most!

u rockin and rollin WITH room 28....

room 28 room 28 room 28 room 28

every halloween mr v leads thriller night

4th graders more than 40 eyes

with that michael jackson dance, got the whole school hypnotized

already funky at the age of 9

every tuesday mista cookie jar droppin knowledge on the mic

I preach tha' fresh cuz my style's so fly

Hype girl, Ava Flava, gets the class hyphie by his side.

We teach em young, cuz their minds are so wide!

in this room no child's left behind

from the genious to the wild child

that's how we roll...

hands up if you likin'

how we roll...h

ands up if you ridin!

hop along the train with the host of this rolla coasta

Valdez, yeah we love him the most!now put your v's up, peace!

Mr. Valdez, how do you round numbers?

Yo! When rounding numbers

underline the digit

move to the right and make a circle get it?

0 to 4 what's underlined stays the same

5 to 9, add one to da game! WORD!

(dance sequence)

heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, ho!

heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, ho!

heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, ho!

ho, ho, ho, heh!

in this room no child's left behind

our whole class here can testify

that's how we roll...

hands up if you likin'

how we roll...

hands up if you ridin!

hop along the train, time to coast on this rolla coasta

28, yeah we love it the most!

u rockin and rollin WITH us

this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll IN

room 28, room 28, room 28, room 28, room 28!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time To Warrior Up!

"Time To Warrior Up" by Gypsy Twins (Mista Cookie Jar & Gregory Brown), lyrics reel and slideshow. Inspired by Sambazon's Warrior Up campaign, this track represents the roots of the Love Bubble Foundation, including snapshots of summer touring and school programs from 2010. Featuring 9 year old rap-star Ava Flava and Brazilian capoeira guru Mestre Raiul, the song brings true international solidarity and global consciousness to life for all generations. It's Time To Warrior Up is the battle cry for all peaceful warriors out to make everlasting positive change in our world!

As participants in Sambazon's Warriors For Change contest, you can show your support for the Love Bubble Foundation by voting for us if we make it to the finals! Everyone's voice counts and we need your love to let the Love Bubble grow!

MP3s of "Time To Warrior Up" and other Gypsy Twins classics available at REVERBNATION.COM/GYPSYTWINS with proceeds benefitting the Love Bubble Foundation.

Go to for more info on the everlasting Love Bubble Tour! and coming soon...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Inside tha Cookie Jar: Mista Cookie Jar's 2010 Sound Reel

Inside tha Cookie Jar: Mista Cookie Jar's 2010 Sound Reel

The 2010 Sound Reel of audio composer/producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter, Mista Cookie Jar. Specializes in music for advertising, TV, film, internet, gaming, animation, and children's entertainment.

Proficient in vocals, MCing, saxophone, guitar, bass, harmonica, piano, synth, percussion, digital sampling, sound/video editing.

Genre Chameleon of hip hop, reggae, soul, jazz, blues, punk, folk, electro, world music, and more...

Available for custom songs, soundtracks, mnemonics, voiceover, and more...

For resume, contact:
C.J. Pizarro aka Mista Cookie Jar

Online resume:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chanukah's on Fire!!

Check out Matthue Roth's article HERE which mentions our Chibi Vision song, Chanukah's on Fire! ....featuring the Chocolate Chips!!

Download Chanukah's on Fire HERE for a buck!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aunt Carol News!

Check out this article in the blog from Disability Studies, Temple U. about our video Aunt Carol:

"Cool stuff in the world of Disability Studies, Geography, and History. Based at Temple University in Philadelphia, with contributors from coast to coast."

And if you haven't check out our Aunt Carol video, here it is:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Education's W.I.M. (Wonder Imagination Magic) Program!

I scored a new gig this past week with Star Education as part of their WIM program...that's Wonder Imagination and Magic! Quite Love Bubblily, eh? Each week I will be performing at a different LA school. So far I've performed at Gardner Street Elementary (Michael Jackson's elementary school) and Westwood Charter. Excited to be on the Star team and have the opportunity to spread the Love Bubble in schools in the LA area!

"Supertalents" Video Shoot

This past weekend Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips team began production of the music video for our song Supertalents off the our album, the Love bubble. The song features my homie, Gregory Brown of our acoustic duo, the Gypsy Twins. Our friends, Chris and Stacy of Market Street Productions are directing and producing the video--and an impressive job they are doing! Having worked with them for our video, Magic World, we just know Supertalents will be just as magical. Chris is using a 3d video camera that came out last week and from what I've heard, this will be the very first 3d music video with this camera! The setting of the video will be in a galactic arcade game come to life. The Chocolate Chips (Ava and Lucas) will be sucked into the video game where they meet Greg and I, their astro tour guides so to speak. Many green screen shots, including some of Greg and I flying on harnesses. We also filmed some shots at Vasquez Rocks, where many sci-fi Hollywood flicks (like Star Trek) were filmed. Our friend Javarnanda is down to rock some 8 bit animation for this one!

Also featured are some young dancers from Michael Jackson's Elementary School (!), Gardner Street Elementary, Shania, Ashanti, & Jaylan. Many thanks to these supertalented kids and their mom's for coming through. Shania & Ashanti's mother, V, is actually a DOPE Puerto Rican rapper...hip hop and reggeaton! Keep your eyes out for this rising star.

Stay tuned for the release date...we're shooting for around this Christmas season!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips @ FPAC, Sat, Sept. 11!!

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips to be performing Sept 11 (Sat) at 2:30pm for the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) 2010, in San Pedro!

Click here for the festival's lineup and click here for details on how much & how to get there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ukulady and the Chocolate Chips @ The Natural Stage Project

Sunday, 9-05-10, was a fun magical afternoon = )

Featured was the ultra-amazing Ukulady and the Ukulad (here's to many more shows with these meeptastic creative forces!) and of course the wonderful Chocolate Chips....Ava Flava, Miss Mikyla, and the adorably cute Lyrin! Rock N Roll fever!

The show was part of The Natural Stage Project:

We performed at LA's Old Zoo at a cave where I imagine they housed lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Also, we found it fitting since we were at a cave that we debut our new song, Crystal Cave!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love Bubble Coast to Coast Summer Tour Part ii: West Coast!

Presented by ChickieOneTime Productions out of Portland, LA's TNParty, and Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips: the Love Bubble West Coast tour has just begun! If you're in the Portland area we are expecting to have 9+ come on out to one of them!

7-31 Los Angeles, CA: Little Tokyo - Mista Cookie Jar’s 30th BDay w/TNParty- 5pm (Sat)

8-14 Portland, OR: Mississippi Pizza Pub- $5/family suggested donation- (Sat)- 6pm - M...ista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, 7pm - Gypsy Twins

8-15 Portland, OR: Sunday Parkways SE - feat. Gypsy Twins and special guest- 11am to 3pm (Sun)

8-17 Portland, OR: Mississippi Pizza Pub- 4 to 5pm (Tues)

8-18 Vancouver, WA: CafĂ© Sip N’ Play- 11am (Wed)

8-19 Portland, OR: Milagros Children’s Boutique- $3 suggested donation-1-2pm (Thurs)

Papa G’s Organic Deli- featuring Gyspy Twins and special guest- 4 to 7pm

8-20 Portland, OR: Portland Children’s Museum- 1pm & 2pm, 2 shows (Fri)

8-21 Portland, OR: Riverfest (at Portland waterfront) - 1 to 2pm (Sat)

8-28 Culver City, CA: Culver City Block Party - info TBA (Sat)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mista Cookie Jar's 30th B-Day @ TNParty! July 31st, 2010

Mista Cookie Jar here! To help usher in my 30th year AND as part of the Love Bubble 2010 Coast to Coast Summer Tour with my family band, the Chocolate Chips, I'd like to celebrate by doing what I love most...supporting a good cause through food, drinks, music, and dance! So come on out to "TN Party: annual benefit for the Tuesday Night Project" and celebrate with me while supporting the Tuesday Night Project that hosts one of the longest running free public art series in Downtown LA/Little Tokyo.

100% of the proceeds from your $15 entrance fee will help to promote diversity and growth through a wealth of art including music, poetry, theater, sketch comedy, improv, short film, spoken word, dance, and visual arts.

Feel free to pre-purchase your tickets to save time at the door!

And for details on the TN Party, click here:

I'm performing at the beginning of the TN Party, just after 6:00pm, so COME EARLY and don't miss it!!

Kids 12 and under are free,
cash bar with 21+ ID,
food for purchase from the Good Girl Dinette and top-rated-on-Yelp BBQ from The Park's Finest,
and ME!!!

*** YOU MUST buy a presale ticket OR RSVP to this Evite by JULY 28 to qualify for the $15 CJ-Bday (presale) ticket price at the door on the 31st! ***

Sunday, May 16, 2010

US East Coast Tour Dates!

Click on poster to enlarge.
Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips (yes the kids too!) will be touring the northeast region of the US late May through early June to promote their album, the LOVE BUBBLE. We will meet up with our homie Gregory Brown* from May 29 to June 5. Matthue Roth will join us in NYC June 8. And we officially got a gig on June 10 in DC featuring the mayor of DC hip-hop, Head-Roc! So hop in the love love love love bubble and float float away with us!

5-21 Morgantown, WV: Healthsouth Mountainview Hospital - 5:30pm (Fri)
5-22 Pittsburgh, PA: 35th Anniversary Carriage House Children's Center** - 10 am (Sat)
Pittsburgh PA: Joe's Bachelor Party (21+) - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern - 7pm
5-24 Wheeling, WV: Wheeling Country Day School - 2:30 pm (Mon)
5-28 Taftsville, VT: Davy Davis's Potluck BBQ - 7pm (Fri)
Topsfield, MA: Greater Boston Charity Horseshow - (Sat...details TBA)
Ipswich, MA: Wavepaint Gallery - 6pm (Sat)
5-30 Hartland, VT: Farm Fest - Hartland Public Library - Noon (Sun)
White River Jct., VT: Memorial Day Celebration, The Main Street Museum - 3pm (Mon)
White River Jct., VT: Gypsy Twins @ The Main Street Museum - 7pm (Mon)
6-01 Windsor, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Windsor Station Pub - 7pm (Tues)
6-02 Perkinsville, VT: Weathersfield Elementary School - 9am (Wed)
Windsor, VT: Mount Ascutney Rehab Hospital - Noon (Wed)
Chelsea, VT: Chelsea Public Library - 3:15pm (Wed)
Hartland Four Corners, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Skunk Hollow Tavern 8:30pm (Wed)
6-03 Woodstock, VT: Gypsy Twins @ Bentley's 9pm (Thurs)
6-04 Windsor, VT: State Street School - All Day Workshop/Performance (Fri)
Hanover, NH: Gypsy Twins @ Jesse's Tavern - 7pm (Fri)
6-05 Windsor, VT: Madison's 4th Birthday Party (Sat...Private Show)
Quechee, VT: Fire Stones - 7pm to 10pm (Sat)
6-08 Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY: feat. Matthue Roth @ Perch Cafe - 10 am (Tues)
6-10 6-10 Washington, DC: feat. Head-Roc @ Bloombars - 6pm to 7pm (Thurs)

* Shows indicated as "Gypsy Twins" include Gregory Brown and Mista Cookie Jar playing acoustic versions of Love Bubble songs and Gregory Brown originals for an adult crowd.
**Purchase tickets in advanced here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic World, The Official Music Video!!

"Magic World" is a song from Mista Cookie Jar's debut children's album, The Love Bubble (Urban Island Folky Rock N Roll for the Inner Child). His band of kids, the Chocolate Chips, includes Ava Flava--the flavorful 9 year old butterfly rapper, her brother, Lucas, aka Professa P gettin jiggy, and Miss Mikyla the Lollipop Princess. Also featured are Peachy Keen the Woodland Fairy, Michael the Pimpin Leprechaun, Georgia Smarty Pants, Georgia the Dog, Jessica the Hula Hoop Witch, butterflies, caterpillars, snails, a turtle, a crowned toad, and the many young Chocolate Chips who hopped aboard the Love Bubble on the way to school.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magic World Video Shoot

Had a great video shoot yesterday! Not only was it a beautiful sunny day despite the "showers" in the forecast, I held a colorado river toad with a crown, drove a magical wonderbus, and gave a leprechaun with bling a ride home. Feeling blessed and grateful for our friends and family--the wonderful crew we had! There's really so much more but you'll have to wait for the video...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Green Expo & Our Brand of Green!

"If you have a messy room, you have to clean it."

Catch my quote and mention of Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips' performance at The Green Expo this past weekend in an LA Daily News article by clicking Green Expo kicks off spring.

Ava Flava & Mista Cookie Jar at the Main Stage
(Click on pic to view more g'times!)

The Green Expo is a multi-city event showcasing green technologies and products. We were spreading our own brand of green for the environment - The Love Bubble - at the Main Stage on Saturday and the Children's Pavilion both days. We met alot of fun folks, including the creator of Norky ( and musician extraordinaire/metaphysical healer, Michael Lee Gogin who among many things is the lead singer of the "Mini Kiss" band and the bell hop in Terry Gilliam's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips PROMO VIDEO

Check out the new PROMO VID!

Mista Cookie Jar Tshirts!

Blacklava & Tuesday Night Project present:

New MISTA COOKIE JAR sweatshop free Tshirts! A one day only deal. Includes a LOVE BUBBLE CD all for just $15 + free shipping. Peep the ONE HOT MINUTE ad/video we made at the Blacklava warehouse with the song, MAGIC WORLD.

Click here to purchase the shirt and watch the video...[ps. the deal is officially over! but you can still purchase the combo for 25 dollars! You can also purchase the shirt without the CD at a lesser price. I'll get back to you at a latter date when we find out the exact price.]

As written by Narinda @ Blacklava (2-23-10)...

Cookies. Love. Bubbles.

How can you resist today's Blacklava + Tuesday Night Project Daily Deal?

I love it when Mista Cookie Jar comes to Tuesday Night Cafe. He brings bubbles and loads of good vibes along with his "urban-island-folky-rock 'n' roll for the inner child" and gets everyone up and bouncing and dancing.

We had so much fun at the Blacklava warehouse shooting this video. See if you can watch it without smiling, I dare you!

Get this amazing T-shirt + CD deal and help keep those sweet sweet love bubbles blowing!



Monday, January 25, 2010

Synchronicity & the Hella Hipster Hoedown # 9!

Friday's show was ripe with synchronicity! Where Lucas Ave and Pizarro St. meet was the location of our show, the Perhspace Gallery. Lucas is the name of our boy, my girlfriend's son aka Joey the Dogg in our crew, the Chocolate Chips. Pizarro is my last these little signs to keep ya going. Coincidence, I think not. Though these things happen often in the Love Bubble!

Elaine Layabout, whom I met at our last show at Grumpa's Merchants Mart in Venice, orgainized the whole event. I gave Elaine a CD and she loved it so she booked us this gig. Turns out we're also both huge Herzog fans. Fitting to have the spirit of Herzog in the air---his film career seems to be driven by bizarre synchronicity.

The venue was looming with hella happenin hipsters of the urban and hoedown persuasion. An honor to play with Elaine and the Layabouts, the Cobra Lillies, and Blackbird Raum. Hope to perform many more shows with these guys! Also turns out Zack, the accordionist of Blackbird Raum is old San Franscisco friends with Matthue Roth of By Ur Side and Circles in the Love Bubble. Blackbird Raum was wildly amazing, no mics! Back-home instruments like washboards, broomstick bass, banjo's, mandolin, etc...but in the spirit of gypsy punks! radness.

The Cobra Lillies were amazingly and funly superb as well! A huge group! like 10 or more instrumentalists. They were magical--poetry, personalities, dancing and a bit of brawling in display for all-- all in the spirit of Rock N Roll.

As for our show, those kids, the Chocolate Chips rocked it! Ava Flava and Mikyla had their best performance and brought so much energy showing off their chops. Even Lucas mustered up the energy to dazzle the audience with some improvised hoedown breakdancing. Words cannot describe his cuteness. And the Choco Chips all together have such overwhelming cute energy I have but the loveliest memory of the night. Even the banjo player/singer of Blackbird Raum called our act, Kidsploitation (that's in a good way). We also tried out our new Bubble Machine from Grumpa (the kids grandaddy). It totally kept chugging through out the whole show and left a nice bubbly drool on the floor which Ava and I slipped on in our love bubblity focus. It was grand!

Lastly, a big up to Jane Chen, who joined us as a member of the Chocolate Chips. She kept the kids organized and whipped into love bubblily shape on stage, doing little miming games and dancing funness. Mind you she's a CLOWN. An extremely talented clown of the old skool/classical sense--not the party clown/slipknot variety. Think Fellini's "La Strada" or even Harpo Marx. She's also a trained actress and has a 2 woman show with her mother called, Chinese Clown Cabaret. It received rave reviews and by the looks of the website and all the videos I've seen about it, the show seems fantastic. Check it out...its a definite MUST on my list.

One PS for Black Sparrow Press, who we didn't catch. The kids were way too sleepy and starting to fade in the Blackbird Raum melee. It was time to get these kids to bed! But my apologies for missing yallz show!

Thanks again to Elaine and for all those who came out! It was quite a lovely evening ;)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joey the Dogg on Dawen's Top 10 Asian American Tracks of 2009

Check it out gang! The second track off the Love Bubble, Joey the Dogg, made Dawen's Top 10 Asian American Tracks of 2009! Peep the article @ Dawen says, "When I first heard CJ perform this song with guitars, djembe and children in tow, I couldn’t help but wish that I was a kid again. Regardless of whether you like kids or not, Mista Cookie Jar will bring out the kid in you."

Also, I got a lil shout out on Angry Asian Man's blog...! He says,, "That is some musical madness! And I like it."

If you haven't checked out Dawen's music, you should. I'm fortunate enough to have met him at the Tuesday Night Cafe performances. He's an amazing songwriter, singer & pianist as well. An honor to have made the list by such an accomplished performer. He also just happens to be a really swell guy. Check out his video for Wake Up here! Hella smooth yall...

One more thing, there will be a Joey the Dogg video coming soon! We're sewing up the costume for Lucas as we speak!