Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Call Me MCJ: 2 More Views to 1k & Thanks for the all the Blogs!

It's been almost a couple months since we dropped, Call Me Mista Cookie Jar, and we're 2 views away from 1K. Hootyhoo! Thanks to all those who blogged about the video, ZooglobbleOut With The Kids, Kids Can Groove, Totally Full of It, The Rock Father, and Best Videos for Kids. In an effort to get a bump past 1k, here are some nice things folks said about the video. And if you haven't seen it, hit play below. Twice would be twice as nice :)

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Totally Full of It says, "Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips have released a video that is absolutely mesmerizing. With it’s smooth tempo, delightful melody and lyrics that easily flow from rap to singing, Mista Cookie Jar gives listeners a little insight as in to who Mista Cookie Jar is.  Which is cooler than cool."

Zooglobble says, "It's hard for me to say that anything that reduces the amount of MCJ music in the world is worth the wait, but this video?  Worth the wait. "

Kids Can Groove says, "...hand-drawn illustrations and placement of photographic and retro-style cut-outs make this video so appealing. Their hard work definitely paid off here. In fact, I had to listen to the song a couple of times because I was so focused on all the awesome imagery!"

Out With The Kids says, "The video is a handcrafted, paper mache beaut that took nearly a year to create. That’s reason alone to carve out 5 minutes of your family’s day to watch and listen, because showing and discussing the intense artistic passion of others is potentially inspiring to the next generation of souls who will chose a path of passion over any other well groomed trail."

Monday, April 7, 2014

2 MCJ shows this week, both at piers!

The first, Thursday, April 10th at 10:30 AM, Mista Cookie Jar with his stars & moon steel guitar and Bubbletron bubble machine will be performing an acoustic show at The Cow's End Cafe right near the Venice Pier. The second, Saturday, April 12 at 10 AM, as part of WAKE UP WITH THE WAVES - A Children's Concert Series , Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips will be rocking out on the Santa Monica Pier

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Click HERE for Cow's End website.
Click HERE for Wake Up With The Waves website.