Thursday, February 11, 2021

New Mista Cookie Jar: “Black Sheep Club & I Love You" [EP]

Black Sheep Club / I Love You [EP]

Come join Mista Cookie Jar in a journey to the cosmic pastures as he sings you a little story about a family of black sheep. Dusting off the old nursery rhyme and adding a touch of old school fairy tale magic, Mista Cookie Jar infuses 50’s melodies, trap 808’s and Cookie’s off-the-wall lyricism to bring you an anthem championing inclusion and squad spirit. All are welcome to the Black Sheep Club.  Holler “baa baa” if you feelin the vibes... 

Accompanying the new single, just in time for Valentine’s Day, “I Love You,”  a Cookie rendition of the Sam Cooke classic, “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons.” Lo-Fi vibes along with a touch of Cookie croonin’ and rhymin’, the song is a simple expression of love — be it familial, romantic, or spiritual — an anthem for all who believe in love.

Black Sheep Club

You know we rolling mad deep...
Black Sheep in your area!

Let me sing a story bout,
a little story bout.
Let me sing a story bout,
a little story story bout. 
Let me sing a story bout,
a little story bout.
Let me sing a story bout 
a family of black sheep...

Once upon a time
in a cosmic pasture
a flock of sheep found each other. 
They helped each other to love,
shine, and wonder. 
Seeing truest of colors.
Good times, sun up to sun up.
Countless stories to one up.
You see, the one thing 
they could vibe on
was not fitting in. 
They took an L being different,
flipped it into a WIN. 
If you black sheepin’, 
you can join our squad. 
When we meet up in the clouds 
we go: Bah! Bah! Bah!

Black Sheep, its a vibe, yall
Bah bah, running wild y’all.
Mad deep, i’m talking world wide y’all.
All love, it’s just a vibe v-v-vibe vibe...

You know we rolling mad deep,
our little family of black sheep. 

You know we rolling mad deep.
Our little family of black sheep.

I can see that you different.
Is that why you so distant?
You’re used to funny looks,
while those looks 
you don’t be missing.
K, now, listen. I relate.
Got the same dish on my plate.
It’s an order tall enough
you couldn’t try to look away!
So we should...stick together
through and through. 
But I admit,
that ain’t no black sheep 
thing to do.
A black sheep club?
So preposterous! 
That might just be 
the blackest sheep thing ever. 
We da awesomest. 

Baa baa, goes the black sheep. 
Baa baa, goes the black sheep. 
Baa baa, goes the black sheep. 
Pure mystique
when my lamb fam bam speak. 

Hey diddle diddle,
got that cat with its fiddle. 
Talking Little Boy Blue
and a cow jumpin the moon.
Shout out Little Miss Muffet,
chillin out on a tuffet,
spottin black sheep vibrations. 
Count ‘em in constellations. 
Singing twinkle twinkle little sheep. 
Softer than a little Peep.
Blackest wool, glittered feet.
Bouncing ‘cross the starry sea.
1 Love Bubble all day. 
Angels making big waves.
So fly wit yo black sheep family.
Spread love in your own way. 

Attention all lost little lambs...
if you’re feeling out of place,
need a break, can’t relate,
come join the Black Sheep Squad. 
All are welcome!
I’ll see y’all out there 
on the cosmic pastures,

You know we rolling mad deep.
Our little family of black sheep.

I Love You (rap by Mista Cookie Jar)

I love you
And those the things you do.
Love your cheeks, your eyes
And your cute nose too.
Love that tune in the air
When you’re in full bloom.
Love that blue in my heart
When you leave the room.
Love the way you smile.
Love the way you vibe.
Love the way you chill.
Love the way wild.
Love the way you rise and shine
Through my life.
Hold the line,
Pause space and time.
A new day.

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