Tuesday, October 6, 2020

For Your Consideration: "Don't Gotta Be Cool" - Best Children's Music Category

For your Grammy consideration in the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards Children’s Music category, the 4th Mista Cookie Jar album,
Don’t Gotta Be Cool.”  

L.A. based Filipino-American “kindie” rockstar, Mista Cookie Jar, is back with his 4th studio album, “Don’t Gotta Be Cool.” Infusing lyricism, warmth and themes of universal love into each of these 9 tracks, Mista Cookie Jar invites Chocolate Chips of all ages into his “One Love Bubble” family, where everyone has something unique to offer. The record features celebrated voices in the children’s music community — Filipino-American, Little Miss Ann of Chicago (Halo-Halo), Grammy winner, Father Goose by way of Jamaica and New York City (Free Bubbles), as well as fellow “kindie rappers” Uncle Dox of Minnesota (Chillin’) and Grammy winner, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo of California (Rock This World). Songs like “Serotonin” and “All I Need is You” show the inseparable link between happiness and family. And tracks like “Kindness is the Way” and “B.F.F. Goodbye” offer a softer side of funk in celebrating the complex and nuanced emotions of growing up. Continuing Cookie Jar’s trademark multi-cultural/multi-genre blends with each track, from electro to hip hop to pop to folk to reggae to jazz and on and on — often in the same song — the music inspires singing, dancing and above all, inclusivity. Though Mista Cookie Jar, as cool and stylish as he is — 13 years into creating rockstar family music albums for the masses — proves time and time again, that the REAL rockstar is the kid in all of us.

Available for streaming on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and Bandcamp:

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